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Live Chat 11 July Cancelled

Welcome to our round-up of what happened this week. GODEMICHE Independence Day As your probably aware we had a flash 24 hour sale on the 6th July to celebrate our first year of running GODMEICHE full time. We were amazed at how well it went and just how many of you took advantage of the sale. […]

Our Independence Day

8am Wednseday 6th July 2016 a choice was made, a choice that was to have a huge and everlasting effect on our lives. At 8am on that Wednesday 365 days ago we walked out of our home and off to work at GODEMICHE as our very own bosses. We had no real plan, just this […]
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Live Chat 4th July

Apology We would like to sincerely and profusely apologise for our stupid and thoughtless comments published in our Instagram story about pubic hair. As a company we are always striving to make a positive change and challenge people beliefs regarding sexuality supporting the message that everyone has the right to a healthy, happy and positive […]
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Live Chat 27th June

Monika’s Photography Course As many of you know Monika has been on a small, evening photography course. This week was the end of the course and Monika is very happy with her final images. You can see the first published image HERE in her Sinful Sunday post this week. The goal now is to get […]
Ruined Awakening-SinfulSunday

Ruined Awakening – Sinful Sunday

Ruined Awakening  There is a story behind this post so bear with me. Corah and Sons was a manufacturer of hosiery and textiles, located in Leicester. At one time it was the largest knitwear producer in Europe, and its products had a major influence on the development and prosperity of the Marks & Spencer chain of retail stores. The whole factory survived over […]
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Livechat 20th June

Extreme heat Ok so if you’re in the UK then you will have been struggling to escape the heat! Also as you know our office is still without and air-conditioning unit (it gets fitted 27th June and we can’t wait) so in a room with no opening windows and 3 large skylights, the temperature can […]
GODEMICHE Lifetime Guarantee

GODEMICHE Lifetime Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be great if something lasted a lifetime? Buy it once and not only will it keep going as long as you do but it will also outlive you But surely it would cost thousand if not millions? For many things yes, but not for one of our products because it comes free with […]
Pivot Prostate Massarger

Pivot Prostate Toy

If you google ‘Pivot Prostate Toy’ or ‘Pivot Prostate Massagers’ you’re not going to find much. That’s because it’s actually a term I’ve always used to better explain the subtle differences between the two different styles of prostate massagers available on the market today. Although there are many styles of prostate massagers they can almost […]
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Live Chat – 6th June

iam Meeting I think its time to discuss more about this ‘iam’ group you might have heard us talking about. So what is iam? Simply put iam is a group of small UK businesses that are driven to make positive change for the adult industry and its customers. Once every two months, we all descend on a chosen destination […]
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Live Chat – 30th May

New Office So it’s now official, we’ve said it WAY TOO MUCH but we have relocated to a much bigger space, 450 square feet approximately and its delightful. The extra space means that we can now organise our systems, from the creating through to the packing making everything a little bit quicker and effective. But […]