ADAM Pastel Collection Silicone Dildo

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The Adam Spring Collection is all a wash with pastel colours this spring.

Product Description

The Adam Pastel Collection is all awash with pastel colours in the spring.

The Adam Pastel Collection comes in 1 of 6 different pastel colours

Paris Green – Light almost peppermint green, refreshing and not something you see often in a sex toy.
Electric Lavender – Image the deep purple of lavender left out to dry in the summer sun.
Princess Perfume – Like a baby pink but for the bigger girl, the little princess need to feel good.
Peach Puff – Fluffy, light, delightfully fruity
Mellow Yellow – It’s yellow but mellow
Blue Lagoon – The crisp, refreshing waters of the blue lagoon

The Size
The ADAM Pastel Collection come in two different lengths, both with the same girth and same medium density (shore 20A)

6 inches in length & 5.5 inches in circumference
8 inches in length & 5.5 inches in circumference

Made in the UK completely by hand and using only the very best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved colour pigments. Silicone is non-porous meaning your toy will not harbour bacteria if cleaned correctly and does not contain carcinogens or toxins. We care about what you put in your body.

Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no markings making it very very desecrate. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the costumes declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’

Cleaning your silicone sex toy is very simple, you can use a toy cleaner, boiling water, boiling water + 10% bleach mix, even throw it in the dishwasher (without the detergent) dishes are optional.

Additional Information

Weight 362 g

1 review for ADAM Pastel Collection Silicone Dildo

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    What a beauty. Adam is even cuter in person! I purchased the Pastel Adam in Electric Violet. I expected a slightly more blueish purple, but the second I saw it, it looked good enough to eat! Easily the most girthy of all my toys – exactly what I wanted. I didn’t expect him to be so satisfying, but I’m absolutely hooked… I held him up next to my thickest toy, and was surprised by just how much bigger he was! The other toy was close to being thrown out, since I wasn’t sure how body safe it was – but I kept it because it was my first, and more importantly because of its well defined head! But… As soon as I tried Adam, the old toy went straight in the bin.
    Slightly flexible, super soft, and deliciously filling with a huge mushroom tip~
    I will also point out, Adam goes in much easier (vaginally) if you insert him upside down!!
    (Totally going to buy myself an Ambit next. I love this company!!!)

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