Product Description

Plug-B Pearlescent is our popular silicone Plug-B but with the extra pearlescent glam while still using 100% silicone. The Plug-B Pearlescent Small is perfect for anal beginners where the Plug-B Large  is for those experienced with anal penetration.

Small is 2.7inch in length, 1inch in diameter at its widest point

Large is 3.7inch in length, 1.5inch in diameter at its widest point

Plug-B Pearlescent has been hand sculpted, starting with a rounded tip that gradually doubles in size before curving back into a faired ‘T’ base. The ‘T’ base has been created to sit between your bum cheeks more comfortable than a traditional rounded base.

Made using only 100% Platinum Silicone the Plug-B Pearlescent is non-porous, body safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. The colouring is non-toxic and body safe.

Plug-B Pearlescent comes in 8 different colours Blue Pearlescent, Bolt gun Grey, Gold Finger, Purple Pearlescent, Red Pearlescent, Scarlett, Pearl/Grey, Pearl.
Plug-B Pearlescent is only made using a firm silicone.

Additional Information

Weight 38 g


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