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GiveLube Sexual Lubricant

GiveLube is our personal choice of lubricant, we use both the Aqua (water based) and Silicone+ with our GODEMICHE silicone toys. GiveLube is a UK company and long time friends of GODEMICHE. We love their products but also their brand values and beliefs, so with that said lets look at the range.

Aqua (30ml – 100ml)

Aqua is a premium water-based sexual lubricant that is unscented, odorless, colourless, oil-free, latex condom and silicone toy safe. Enriched with aloe vera and panthenol for added skin care and to help counteract bacteria.

Silicone+ (30ml – 100ml)

Silicone+ is a special blend of 3 high quality, medical grade silicones, super smooth to the touch and it gives you a beautiful luxurious glide quality.  Unscented, odorless, colourless, oil-free and latex condom , we love it.

Noir (100ml)

Noir is a luxury silicone based lubricant with added skin care ingredients, ideal for men and women of African/Carribean origin. Noir contains aloe vera and vitamin E  , its latex condom safe and a CE marked medical grade lubricant

You can, Aqua (water based), *Silicone+ and *Noir with our GODEMICHE silicone toys.

*To test the Silicone+ with our GODEMICHE toys we smothered an Adam 6 inch in lubricant and left it for 24 hours. We then washed the Adam with warm water and soap to remove the silicone lubricant.  Once washed there was no sign of melting, damage or degrading of the silicone toy. 7 days later the GODEMICHE Adam was still in perfect condition. 

We do have a list of ‘Safe Silicone Lube’ that can be used with our GODEMICHE toys however if you are unsure email us with your questions and the brand you use.

**Please note we do not stock all of the GiveLube range, Icer Breaker, Horney Devil, Cherry, Rasbury & Supper Thick are not what we regularly have but can and will be ordered per your request.


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