Godemiche Silicone Dildos at London Alternative Market

London Alternative Market aka LAM

London Alternative Market or as we all call it, LAM is a monthly fetish market/event and after party we love to attend. Held on the first Sunday of every month LAM is one of the very BEST fetish markets in the UK, with the other being Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (the BBB).

At London Alternative Market aka LAM

You might be reading this thinking what the hell a fetish market? I bet it’s dark, dirty and with people having sex in every corner … we wish. LAM is very much the opposite, it’s held in a bar (currently Revolution bar) as you walk in through the entrance it’s very bright and open, and impressively clean. Spread out over an impressive 4 floors,

London Alternative Market has lots to offer from educational talks held in the Vault (yes a room as impressive as it sounds) social spaces with food and drink and the very best kinky things you could ever find for sale; clothing, candles, floggers, shoes and more, almost all of it made by the very people selling it.

Love, Love, LOVE the fetish markets, from a customer point of view just imagine being interested in somelight BDSM, a little light flogging, but you are overwhelmed by the incredible amount of things on the web and also lacking in knowledge. Well the fetish markets give you the opportunity to see people like Jack’s Floggers, admire what they make but also ask the questions you have. You can tell them what you want to try, explain your previous experiences if any and they will TELL YOU what you need to know. Armed with this knowledge you can then go and buy whatever it is you like, from Jacks Flogger’s or another shop.

We thrive on dispensing the very best advice possible to the people that ask questions because we know what it’s like wanting to explore new sexual adventures, how costly they can be financially especially if you have a bad experience. If you feel like you have wasted you budget you’re unlikely to try it again. Anal is an excellent example of people doing it wrong the very first time and then being reluctant to try it again for fears of the same bad experience they had the very first time.

Getting the most out the experience

My advice to you is as follows; visit LAM twice, on your first visit pay for your entry, about £6, one or two drinks and some food. Enjoy being in an unfamiliar surrounding by doing familiar things and take in the experience. Take your time walking around, there is no need to be shy you’re surrounded by like minded people everywhere you look. Ask questions, pick things up and look, explore the items you may have only previously admired from behind a laptop. I can assure you things will surprise you, from the feel, the weight, the smell, the craftsmanship; you really get a good understanding of different qualities, styles and fits, so get your hands on things! DON’T FEEL YOU HAVE TO BUY, an odd thing to say when we go to markets to sell items but remember this is your first time, it’s about exploring and learning so that when you do buy something you are purchasing it with the confidence that it is the right buy for you.

On your second visit your over the hump of it being a new experience, you know what to expect, you have an idea of what you will see. Now take this and focus on what interests you, ask the questions you might have been too embarrassed to ask on your first visit but again don’t feel you have to buy. The reality is the second visit will give you the confidence to buy from the people you talk to. You’re probably going to spend a little bit more for the items then you might do online but the quality and longevity of them will outlive any of the cheaper stuff and make that slightly extra cost completely worth it.

Shops to visit

My personal favourites are Jacks Floggers, Leather Delights and Wicked Woods.

Jack’s Floggers are the most amazing whips and floggers you will see, made by people who use floggers. Their knowledge and products are to die for.

Leather Delights; collars, cuffs, gags, leads and all things leather, plush in padding and heavy in quality handmade leather work there is something for every taste, size and style.

Wicked Woods; If I were to share a brain then it would be with this man, Chris is exceptionally talented and a true creative adventure. He makes the most phenomenal wooden knives, paddles and boxes; you have to see them to believe them.

London Alternative Market, LAM is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re just starting your sexual adventure or have been on the sexual road for years there is something for everyone and if that’s not enough you get to talk to me for as long as you like.


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