Forest Princess Sinful Sunday

Forest Princess – Sinful Sunday

I called this image the Forest Princess because that’s how I felt when taking this image. The white dress made me feel so special at that moment.

Once the spot was totally mine it was the right time to unveal my pale skin out from my clothes.



Forest Princess Sinful Sunday

I was looking for the perfect location for my pictures for a long time that morning, it was getting late and people started to come and run around this gorgeous place.

Only if they knew what was just right infront of their eyes… I still feel excited even thinking about it.

PS. What would you call this image? I’m curious your thoughts. M xxx

Forest Princess Sinful Sunday

Check who else was sinful by kissing the juicy lips


  1. Avatar

    I like the sense of emergence that comes across when viewing the two photos in series. The cover/reveal peekaboo action illustrates both playfulness and confidence. Yet it is moody, somehow.

    I’m not sure about ‘titles’, but as ‘names’ go: Titania comes to mind. 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Fabulous reveal, Forrest Princess.

  3. Avatar

    Beautiful images. You almost look like a white water Lily opening up on a large green lake. I like the title Lily
    Missy x

  4. Avatar

    Beautiful, again! I think your photographs are consistently amongst our favourites, and both these images are lovely. There’s a mystical quality to them, I love the composition and the light/colour (and the colour transition between the light and dark) is perfect. Very nice. 🙂 x

  5. Avatar

    These are fairytale shots and that skirt is amazing

  6. Avatar

    Your fair skin looks almost ghost like in this pic. You look like you belong in the forest! Beautiful photo.

    PP x

  7. Avatar

    This is an amazing shot and I can see why you felt like a princess, sitting there, but also the excitement of people close by but not knowing what’s right there. You are gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  8. Avatar

    What a wonderful, mysterious image. The setting is gorgeous, the dress is to die for and you look stunning! Wonderful photo’s.
    Indie xx

  9. Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!

  10. Avatar

    I would call it Swan Lake because the dress looks like one of the big white tutu’s they wear for that ballet and they sit on the floor with their arms crossed and then open like that…. they don’t have their tits out sadly


  11. Avatar

    Love this! Fairytale meets Swan Lake – but the 2 images together – Wow!

  12. Avatar

    A very well conceived photograph and besutifully executed. I love it.

  13. Avatar

    A simply beautiful twin-set of tutu’s . . . you look gorgeously sensual and “other-worldly”!
    And I’m sure it was exciting for you to achieve, knowing that the “real-world” was so close by.
    Stunning photographs !!!
    Xxx – K

  14. Avatar

    Monika this is soooo GORGEOUS x x

  15. Avatar

    Oh wow this looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale, so gorgeous.

  16. Avatar

    There is a beautiful fairy tale feel to this, except they don’t have tits, I think you’ve improved on the fairy tale!

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