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Today we are going to be talking about wax play!

If this is your first time here welcome to Godemiche. Here we create, sculpt, mould and make all of our own sex toy. Toys we want to use, toys we want to use as a couple, toys made for the purpose of pleasure. We also share our experiences of different sometimes kinky sexual experiences with you to help you explore your own fantasies.

Why wax play?

There’s something incredibly hot (not just the wax) and sexy about wax play.

The light drop of wax on your body that quickly intensifies in heat then immediately starts to cool, although not completely, leaving you with this warm glowing sensation as the wax sets. The sensations are unique and enjoyable.

However, please be aware everyone will experience different degrees of sensation, for example, it turns out in comparison to Monika, I (Adam) am quite the pussy and experience the wax as more intense in heat and as more enjoyable in small goes and in a handful of places. Monika, however, enjoys wax is much larger quantities all over the body.  


Candles come in many various shapes, sizes and colours. Today we are going to be using our own cock candles, made here at Godemiche. True story, we started making these cock candles to reuse the dildo moulds rather just throwing them away.

When buying your first candles we highly recommend buying something sold as a wax play candle. By doing so you will avoid candles that can cause harm, such as birthday candles that often include plastic (melting plastic is a no no) and candles with glitter or metal flakes, its looks pretty but gets extremely hot.  There are many different kinds of candles you can use, starting with specific way play candles (generally soy or paraffin wax) to enjoy the experience. There will be plenty of time to explore different kinds of candles and waxes once you know what you’re doing. 

What you will need

So you have your candle. Not it is time to think about everything else. 

A protective sheet.

You are going to need a bed-sheet, preferably in black so wax stains are not as visible. It’s inevitable that wax is going to get on the sheet, it always does so having a dark ‘play sheet’ is a great idea. If you don’t have an old sheet then you can always pick up a cheap one and have that as your designated play sheet. We use a Sheets of San Fransisco bed sheet and it’s amazing, you can also use your new ‘play sheet’ for a massage just like in our last video.

Something flat 

You need something flat that’s not easily knocked over, like a dinner plate or tray, where you can put your wax candles and other items. It sounds simple and it is but its so worth having this all laid out during wax play.

Little bin

This doesn’t have to be a bin it could be a bowl, a plate, just something to put the scraps of wax on. If you don’t have something to put them in or on you might find them on the floor and trodden on wax is not fun to clean up nor is standing on dry wax bare foot. 

Damp cloth

Your playing with fire having something wet and cool on hand is a very very good idea. A fire extinguisher would be the best choice but not everyone has one laying around.

Wax removal blade 

We love using a small wooden wax removal knife made by Wicked Woods. It’s beautiful, removes wax safely and easily with no risk of cutting. You can also use a regular table knife, butter knives if you have them.  However, if you want something less knife looking then try a wooden spatula, they work really well, inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere.

The Room

Make sure the room is warm. If you are naked and shivering you’re not going to be enjoying the experience. Likewise, if you are too hot the last thing you want is hot wax dripping on you, so make sure it is the right temperature for you.


Finally lighting, yes you have candles but its best to have some other light that helps you see what you’re doing. Accidentally dropping hot wax when looking for something in a darkened room is not cool and normally ends badly. We like to use a bedside lamp, hanging led lights, something nice that sets the mood but also helps make things visible. 

Poring Wax

When playing with wax for the first time its best to drip wax directly from the candle. If you have a couple of candles, you can rotate them around, as your using one the other two have time to melt some wax ready for you to use. Wax closer to the flame is going to be hotter than wax that’s pooled around the flame. Allowing the wax to trickle down the candle will cool down the wax as will dropping it from a higher height.

Play around with what your partner likes and where it’s most comfortable for them. You might find as you get playing your partners tolerance get bigger and you can start poring closer to the body. 

If you have different coloured waxes you could get creative and make patterns, even try writing things like your partner’s name. If your feeling super adventurous try creating something hot and sexy, something sultry. You could even try fluorescent wax candles and create some amazing, vibrant patterns and if you feeling it take a picture, keep them for your self or share them with the world the choice is yours.

No matter what you do have fun and enjoy the experience, respect each others differences and play enjoyably together.

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