An Apology

An Apology to Quinn

We have always wanted to help educate people in sex and sexuality, to help make the world a better place. We believe everyone has the right to a happy health sex life whatever that might look like for them

Sadly this week we failed achieving that, more specifically I, Adam failed to achieve that.

Firstly I want to first apologise to Quinn, I know how important this is to you and a moment of ignorance on my behalf is like a slap in the face from an ally. I am truly sorry.

Despite Quinn writing an article on pronouns “Gender Glossary 101” I still misgendered Quinn in a recent edition of out newsletter using ‘She’ and not ‘Ze’. I have no excuses and the fault is wholly my own.

We as a business have to also acknowledge when something is our fault. We should set the right example, while looking for more ways to educate others and ourselves.

We will continue to work with, champion and support people in their work. We also hope to continue working with Quinn to support hir trans advocacy work and also to help educate others.

We have reviewed things as a result of what has happened ad these are our plans moving forward to be better

  • Make sure we use pronouns for everyone including adding them to email signatures, social media bios and for all contributors to Godemiche blog.
  • Pay extra care and attention to using correct pronouns when it comes to proof reading the newsletter and any other publications
  • Continue to support and elevate trans and other marginalized voices by promoting their work on social media and paying contributors to our blog.
  • Promote Quinn Rhodes Be Nice to Trans people project and Patreon and encourage people to join us in supporting hir advocacy and education work.

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