The Grind Ring – The Evolution of an Idea

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As with all our silicone toys they are start of a grain of and idea but there is quite a journey from that initial thought to the finished product so we though we share that evolution with you when it comes to our newest product; The Grind Ring.

I’ve always been fascinated by things I don’t understand and had this desire to discover what makes something work or become better as something I can’t do. It’s just how my brain works.

I’ve read books on dowsing (finding water with a stick), palmistry, keeping chickens and magic. I’ve won awards for yo-yoing, been a fire breather, pulled cars and electronics apart and even built my own bedroom alarm with a school bell, door and window contacts, strobes and 3 back up batteries witch my Mum did not find amusing when she came for my washing and 4 hours later the alarms were still going off.

So what of the Grind Ring…

The beginning – An idea

The initial idea came when talking to Rebecca over at Yummy Gummy Latex about a friend of hers that had a problem. The problem was that when she was riding on top of her partner using a strap on, she found that her labia would often get caught in the silicone O-rings of the harness and this was painful.   

The idea was simple; Something to stop the labia getting caught but also if we could incorporate texture that would be an added extra. Something more than just a protective ring.

The more I thought about the idea the more it became something I thought we could use in our own relationship. We always use toys for clitoral stimulation during sex but the problems have always been the same, you can’t comfortably grind a bullet vibe, vibes move around if not held in one place, and other larger toys can get in the way during Penis in Vagina to be practical to use. But what if we could make something that fitted perfectly between us…

Grind Ring – Version one

The first Grind Ring was a terrible design. I had no real understanding of how it would be used and it basically looked like a glory hole dinner plate. Needless to say once we had made one it was obvious we had it all wrong and so I started work on a new design aiming for something much more comfortable and less wasteful.

Version One Of The Godemiche Grind Ring Blog Post Strip Image

Grind Ring -Version two

Grind ring mark two looked much better. It also used around 60% less silicone and most importantly of all felt more comfortable to use. However, after several goes testing it we realised that the shape still needed work. It was completely flat and so whilst it was comfortable feeling the textures was a bit hit and miss. So back to the drawing board we went but this time we knew exactly what we needed to do.

However version two we also started working on different silicone blends because we had noticed that the early models we had made and left on the side in the workshop the edges were starting to curl up and they looked a bit like a Pringle. So as well as shape and texture design we also had to work on finding the right blends to create a product that was both soft and some what pliable but would also holds it shape and not tear.

Version Two Of The Godemiche Grind Ring Blog Post Strip Image

Grind Ring -Version three

Version three was probably the quickest and easiest to redesign as we now had a much better idea of how the toy would work and what elements were missing that stopped it working. We added extra length to the top so the grinding area was larger allowing you to lean more into the Grind Ring and get more from each thrust forward and backward. We then added a mound, a soft elevated area that sits below the texture to help lift it up so that it met properly with the clitoris and labia and gave the best possible stimulation and finally we changed the shape of the whole thing making it a tear drop that would sit more comfortably between the thighs.

After much testing, yes we always test all our new toys extensively ourselves before anyone else gets them, we were happy that the general shape and design of the grind ring would work and so now it was time to move onto developing the textures.

Version Three Of The Godemiche Grind Ring Blog Post Strip Image

The textures

With the basically shape of the Grind Ring now perfected it was just a case of trying various textures to see which ones we felt worked the best. After a lot of trail and error we eventually we settled on the 4 textures we currently have as the ones we would launch with but also had a number of other textures waiting in the wings, so to speak, to be developed and added to the range over the next 6 months or so.

The time line

So how long does this all take? I think you might be surprised by that answer. In the case of the Grind Ring the conversation that led to the initial idea forming in my head actually took place about 3 years ago. I sat on that idea for about 7 months and then I made version one. We then spent about 18 months messing around with shapes and silicone blends until finally getting to the design that was version two. The next redesign from two to three, well that took about 7 months of us fucking on it and making small adjustments. Finally the adjustments from version two to the final version that would become the basic template they were all made to was instant. However it doesn’t end there because then we had a further 6 to 7 months where we worked on the moulds and textures to ensure we had a truly finished final product that we could make relatively quickly when people ordered them.

Then it was time to start planning a launch which involves deciding when it will happen and ensuring all the elements are in place for that to happen such as product images, writing a product listing and crafting a launch campaign. Once all that is done then you finally get to meet the Grind Ring and we sit and hope that all that work has resulted in a product that people love.

So far so good it would seem but if you buy one then we would love to hear your feedback. You never know it might even result in us coming up with an idea for another new product.

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