Pyramid Spikes 30% off Pre-orders

Pyramid Spikes 30% off Pre-orders


 The next texture to enter the grind ring collection is Pyramid Spikes.

This texture was inspired by a belt I happened to see someone wearing while our grocery shopping. It reminded me of my own ‘skater boy’ days when none of my trousers fit and I often opted for a studded belt to keep them around my thighs. 

It’s a very simple design, it’s less flexible than the spikes but soft enough to really grind down on for another full vulva sensation.

Stacking up the texture and applying it to the raised mound of the grind ring was challenging but the final results are a delightful in-between of the Spikes and the Bubbles.

For the next 7 days, you can pre-order your Pyramid Spikes and get 30% off making this wonderful texture an absolute barging at £24.99.

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