5 of the Best Positions for Using a Vibe Pad with a Partner

Pink Vibe pad with waves texture, black straps and silver bullet vibe on a pink background next to the words Best Positions for using a Vibe Pad with a partner

Godemiche’s Vibe Pad is a versatile toy that’s ideal for use either by yourself or with a partner. It comes with detachable straps, allowing you to fasten it to a surface or body part of your choosing. Alternatively, you can also place it underneath you on a bed, chair, or other firm surface and use it in either a sitting or lying position but let’s talk in more detail about using a Vibe Pad

If you want to use your Vibe Pad with a partner, there are numerous ways to do so. It’s all about experimenting to see what works best for you. In this post, you’ll find five suggestions for positions that we and our customers have found work well with this toy. Hopefully you will find some inspiration to get you started! 

As always, check in regularly to make sure you’re both having fun, and feel free to adapt anything to suit your unique bodies and preferences. 

Missionary position

This face-to-face sex position is a classic for a reason, allowing for lots of close body contact as well as eye contact and kissing. It’s also the perfect position for using a Vibe Pad. 

The person on top should strap the Vibe Pad to their thigh, and then move their body rhythmically so that it rubs along their partner’s vulva. Think of a grinding motion that keeps your bodies in contact rather than the thrusting motion that’s usually associated with penetrative sex. 

If it’s more comfortable, the person wearing the Vibe Pad can position themselves on the bottom. Their partner can then get into the missionary position on top and grind against the Vibe Pad while they kiss, touch, make out, or do whatever else feels good. 

Straddling position

Sometimes called “cowgirl” or “reverse cowgirl” (depending on which way you’re facing) when used for penetrative sex, this position involves straddling your partner in an upright kneeling position. Have your partner lie on their back, strap the Vibe Pad to their leg, then climb on and grind away. You may find it more comfortable to straddle just one leg or both–try it and see what works best for you. 

This position puts the person on top in control of the speed and pressure of their grinding. It also looks incredibly sexy for the person on the bottom, allowing them to watch their partner’s body move and see their facial expressions. 

Reverse scoop position

In the “reverse scoop” position, both partners face one another and their bodies are pressed closely together. One partner can then strap the Vibe Pad to their thigh and bring that leg up between their partner’s legs, allowing them to grind against it. 

This is another great position if you enjoy close body contact, looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing while you play. You can also use your hands to hold onto your partner’s back or butt and draw them closer to you. Hot! 

Modified doggy position

In this variation on the classic “doggy style” sex position, the person wearing the Vibe Pad on their thigh kneels with their legs slightly parted. Facing away from them, their partner can then straddle their thigh and grind against the toy. If necessary, this partner can also use their hands to steady themselves and stay in a comfortable position.

This position is great if you enjoy the feeling (or visuals) of sex from behind. The person kneeling also has their hands free to hold, touch, or stroke their partner in whatever ways feel good. 

Lap dance position 

This is a sitting position that is comfortable and low-strain for both partners. The person wearing the Vibe Pad straps it to their thigh and then sits in an upright position on a chair while their partner straddles one or both legs, facing them as if performing a lap dance (hence the position’s name.) 

The partners can hold on to each other and enjoy lots of close physical and eye contact, and the person doing the straddling can use their feet and legs to support some of their weight. 

How do you use your Vibe Pad with a partner? 

We’d love to hear about the hot, sexy, and creative ways you’ve come up with to use your Vibe Pad. Let us know, and we might include your ideas in a future post! 

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