Godemiche SIlicone Butt Plug Standard Colours

Butt Plug Fun and Games

Are you curious about butt plugs? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Not sure which one to buy? Then you have come to the right place. Let me take you on a little novices guide to the joys of butt plug fun and games.

Big or Small

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to size that is really up to you and how experienced you are at anal play but this if you are looking to buy your first butt plug and are not used to bum fun then I would highly recommend you start with something small. Going large too soon could put you off the whole experience. So take your time and start small.

Shaping up

When it comes to shapes well there are also a lot of variations out there from ones that look like fists to ones with bumps and textures and just about anything and everything else you can imagine. However if this is your first such toy I would recommend sticking with something that is pretty plain and simple with a nice rounded tip. The really important thing to look out for when it comes to butt plugs is that they have a sufficiently flared base to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of it disappearing up inside you. This is really important when playing with any toy anally and why you should always buy a butt plug from a reputable vendor.

It’s a material world

The final thing you want to consider when buying a butt plug is the material it is made from. It should be non-purous, body safe and easy to clean. Metal(stainless steel), Glass and Silicone all make for excellent materials for butt plugs. You want to avoid plugs that are made from Jelly/PVC as not only are they are porous but often contain harmful chemicals. In addition stay away from anything made from TPE/TPR as these are also porous and that is not a good combination when it comes to using a toy annally.

An additional purchase

No matter what plug you end up buying you are also going to need to some good quality lube to go with it. Unlike the vagina, the rectum is not self lubricating and so for the most pleasurable anal experience you are going to want to make sure things slip and slide.

If you buy a silicone plug then you are going to want to stick to a water based lube so that it does not react with the silicone of the toy but if you are going with metal or glass then you are free to pick which ever type of lube you like.

Getting started

If this is your first experience of anal play then you are not going to want to rush things. Make sure you have set aside some time to play and experiment in a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Have your newly purchased plug, lube and any other sex toy that you like using handy. If you are with a partner then get them to start slow. They should know how you like to be touched to best get you in the mood, if not, show them.

Once you are feeling turned on and relaxed start by applying some of the lube to your anus. Swirl it around the opening and gradually apply pressure with your (or your partners)  finger letting it slip inside your bottom. You might want to do this a couple of times as you get used to the sensation and also continue to apply more lube. Once you feel ready then you change the finger for your plug. Start slowly, apply pressure, and try to relax the sphincter muscles at the opening of your ass. Do not trying to shove it straight in with one swift movement. The best way is to take it slowly and let your body slowly open up and accept the plug. You may find that stimulating your clitoris or penis, depending on your gender will also help you to relax.

If you are struggling or finding it too uncomfortable don’t worry about it. Stop, put the plug to one side for now and do something else. You might feel like trying again once you are more turned on or you might want to try again on another day. Do not feel despondent. You have not failed. Anal play is a very different sensation and if you have had no experience of it before then you need to give your body time to learn.  This is not a sprint but more a slow pleasurable marathon with stops for ice cream and massages along the way.

An intro to anal sex

Butt plugs can be an excellent introduction to anal sex too. Again start small and slow and get used to the sensation. Once you find using the toy to be pleasurable then you can think about moving up a step. Try buying a slightly bigger plug at this stage and playing with that before you jump straight to anal sex as a penis or penis sized dildo is definitely going to be larger than your plug. The Peg Beginners Anal Dildo would also make for a fantastic intermediate step as it is shaped like a long finger and designed with enjoyable first time anal experiences in mind.


Butt plugs are definitely not just stepping stones to anal sex though. They are pleasurable sexual experience in their own right. You can use them as part of your masturbation play or even the whole focus of it. Try combing them with vibrators or dildos if you have female genitals or maybe a masturbation sleeve or male masturbator toy if you have male genitals.

Partnered sex

Butt plugs can also be a wonderful addition to your partnered sex and not just as a stepping stone to full anal. Wearing a butt plug while you are fucking can be an intense and highly pleasurable experience for either or both of you at the same time, regardless of which gender you or your partner is. What about pleasuring your lover with your mouth while they are wearing a butt plug or giving them a hand job or fingering them to orgasm? An addition of a butt plug to these activates can often bring a whole new set of fantastic sensations and experiences to your shared sex life.

Got any questions about out butt plugs or anal toys? Fancy ordering a custom coloured plug or peg? Get in touch and let us make it happen for you.

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Black Friday Deals and Offers

Black Friday is almost upon us and we have 35% off anything Black using code BLACK35.

Call us old fashioned but Black Friday happens on Friday, not all week. So from 4am to 11.59pm EST on Friday 25th November you can get 35% off anything black. This includes black pearl and thing with a black mix e.g black & red, black & gold etc.

Simply add the code BLACK35 at the checkout to get 35% of your order and celebrate Black Friday with us.

If you don’t see the colour you like, email us or order something similar and leave a note telling us the black colour combination you would like.

*Does not include shipping or sale items that are black.  

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Suction Cup Dildo Now Available

Suction Cup Dildo

We get asked to make all sorts of wonderful things some we can make others we only wish we could make.

A suction cup dildo was something we could make and to be honest it was something we just needed to refine, to rework and make right as we had started them before. With a little time on our hands and a heap load of determination and focus we made a great, super sucky, suction cup. No that’s not an overstatement, they really are good because we mould the suction cup in the very base of the dildo and we make it all in one go. Being made all at the same time means that the whole dildo is created as one, no weak points, no sections that could cause a tear when being used, it’s just very, very, strong.

If you have seen us at a stall/stand Adam amusing sticks a dildo to a table and then picks the table up pulling only on the dildo, he also sticks them to his head but that’s another story.

Anyway, we have made a YouTube video showing the suction cup and talking a little about it.

We can put a suction cup on any Adam or Ambit dildo, just select the option on the website or if we are making you a completely custom colour or style, ask, remember we make EVERYTHING so can do almost anything.

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Sex Toys You Might Not Want to Buy by Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks

If you spend any time browsing in sex toy shops or scrolling through them online, you will be bombarded with items of different shapes, sizes, colours and functions. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, if you’re browsing for the first time or looking to experiment with something new. How on earth do you decide what to pick? Or more importantly… how do you know what NOT to pick?

This isn’t a list of top toys for you to purchase. This is a list about what to avoid.

1. Materials

Materials are probably the number one thing you will read about if you stumble upon sex toy review sites. This is because the material of the toy is absolutely CRUCIAL to health. Unfortunately, the sex toy industry is not regulated. This means that anyone can get away with anything. Not only can companies use unsafe materials, but they can actually lie about it too. You need to look for reputable companies that are using non-porous and phthalate-free materials. Using low quality and unsafe materials can cause infections, irritations and chemical burns.

A very basic material guide:
-Safe: silicone, metals (like stainless steel), glass, properly finished wood and ABS Plastics or other hard plastics. These materials are non-porous, latex-free, phthalate-free and hypoallergenic.
-Proceed with caution: TPE/TPR. These materials are porous but often latex-free, phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. It is recommended to throw these toys out after 6-12 months because the pores cannot be properly cleaned or sterilized. Don’t share them with anyone, either!
-Avoid: Jelly/PVC. These materials are porous and often contain latex and phthalates. They release chemicals and they smell pretty terribly, although the smell will be your least concern.
-Avoid: Weird names or mixes. If you’ve never heard of it before, then make sure to look it up. Companies are allowed to lie about materials, so if it looks sketchy then it probably is.

2. Safety During Use

The good news is that sex toys cannot ‘get lost’ in a vagina. There is one way out, and it isn’t that far away. The bad news is that sex toys can absolutely get stuck or ‘lost’ in an anus. Your intestinal tract goes all the way from your mouth to your rectum, which means that there are a lot of intestines between the two ends. Not to gross you out (but a little bit to gross you out so you’re warned), but it is very possible that a sex toy, without the proper safe base, can be ‘sucked in’ to your anus. Your sphincters clench down and… well… there will be a visit to the emergency room.

Don’t worry though, there is one sure way to make sure that this doesn’t happen: a proper flared based. Anal sex toys MUST come with an adequately flared base to prevent them from being completely inserted. If a toy doesn’t have a base or has a small flimsy base, it is best to use it only for oral or vaginal purposes.

3. The Cheapest Toy Possible

We’ve all done it – bought something because it is cheap or on sale. Whether we’re talking about clothing or makeup or sex toys, it always ends up with the same result. Occasionally, we get great surprises and feel like we totally struck gold. Most of the time, we discover a hole, or it chunks in the wrong way or it is super buzzy.

This isn’t to say that all cheap toys are terrible – this really isn’t the case. However, good quality material requires a higher cost. Treating customers correctly and approving warranties requires a higher cost. Developing delightful motors requires a higher cost. There are companies that manage to sell good quality materials and wonderful vibrations for less, but they typically don’t cost under $10.

You don’t have to invest your week’s savings into a sex toy, but you should spend some time researching good cheaper alternatives. If not, you might end up with a broken seem, a toxic material or those terrible, terrible buzzy watch batteries.

4. Reputable Companies

This one is a bit harder to pick out if you’re browsing in a store. However, if you have a chance to do some online research before your purchase, you should check out the company. Some of the biggest companies sell the worst toys, including unsafe materials and unsafe bases. It is a profitable industry, and some companies take advantage of that. Some also have absolutely terrible customer service, including denying warranties, not answering truthfully or flat-out sex shaming people.

So what do you look for? The first one is to research the company name on sex blogger sites. If they’ve done something disastrous, it will be easy to find. Secondly, check out their social media and see how involved they are in the community. You can find out from a social media pretty quickly if the company prides themselves on what they do, as well as respects their customers. You might be surprised as to what you find, but like anything else, you’ll feel better about making your final purchase.

Buying sex toys can seem incredibly complicated when you’re overloaded with the choice. If you’re searching for a new toy, keeping these 4 tips in mind should make the selection easier and you’ll end up with a safe toy that you feel good about using.

In case you’re wondering where to start… Godemiche is silicone, has anal safe bases and highly involved owners… but you kind of saw that plug coming, didn’t you?

The Blog was written by Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks .

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Affordable Packaging – Can It Be True?

Packaging has been a topic of decision now for well over 6 months. When we started GODEMICHE we wanted to offer the most affordable product we would, proper packaging is just an added expense that we identified as wasteful and unnecessary.

Unfortunately this isn’t something that everyone also believes, some businesses are reassured by packaging, some bloggers referred to items coming in a non luxurious plastic bag as letting down the item, even on makes people wanted packaging. We have tried to educate people in our way of thinking but to be honest as a small run business we don’t have the financial backing to continue trying to change the world when it comes to reducing packaging waste.

So we have had to compromise, we are now and will continue to package items in more appropriate and professional looking packaging, but most importantly its the most AFFORDABLE packaging we could find that complements the GODEMICHE style.

Price, it’s something that obviously we have had increase, in fact it was at the very top of our list ‘HAS TO BE AFFORDABLE’ and yes it was in capitals. Our goal is for everyone to have access to affordable, unique, beautiful toys and any packaging would also have to follow these beliefs.

All Adam’s and Ambit’s have been increased by £5, The Peg has been increased by £3 and the Plug-B small and large have been increased by £2.

As you can see we have done everything we can to keep all of our items affordable.

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Godemiche Silicone Dildos at London Alternative Market

London Alternative Market aka LAM

London Alternative Market or as we all call it, LAM is a monthly fetish market/event and after party we love to attend. Held on the first Sunday of every month LAM is one of the very BEST fetish markets in the UK, with the other being Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (the BBB).

At London Alternative Market aka LAM

You might be reading this thinking what the hell a fetish market? I bet it’s dark, dirty and with people having sex in every corner … we wish. LAM is very much the opposite, it’s held in a bar (currently Revolution bar) as you walk in through the entrance it’s very bright and open, and impressively clean. Spread out over an impressive 4 floors,

London Alternative Market has lots to offer from educational talks held in the Vault (yes a room as impressive as it sounds) social spaces with food and drink and the very best kinky things you could ever find for sale; clothing, candles, floggers, shoes and more, almost all of it made by the very people selling it.

Love, Love, LOVE the fetish markets, from a customer point of view just imagine being interested in somelight BDSM, a little light flogging, but you are overwhelmed by the incredible amount of things on the web and also lacking in knowledge. Well the fetish markets give you the opportunity to see people like Jack’s Floggers, admire what they make but also ask the questions you have. You can tell them what you want to try, explain your previous experiences if any and they will TELL YOU what you need to know. Armed with this knowledge you can then go and buy whatever it is you like, from Jacks Flogger’s or another shop.

We thrive on dispensing the very best advice possible to the people that ask questions because we know what it’s like wanting to explore new sexual adventures, how costly they can be financially especially if you have a bad experience. If you feel like you have wasted you budget you’re unlikely to try it again. Anal is an excellent example of people doing it wrong the very first time and then being reluctant to try it again for fears of the same bad experience they had the very first time.

Getting the most out the experience

My advice to you is as follows; visit LAM twice, on your first visit pay for your entry, about £6, one or two drinks and some food. Enjoy being in an unfamiliar surrounding by doing familiar things and take in the experience. Take your time walking around, there is no need to be shy you’re surrounded by like minded people everywhere you look. Ask questions, pick things up and look, explore the items you may have only previously admired from behind a laptop. I can assure you things will surprise you, from the feel, the weight, the smell, the craftsmanship; you really get a good understanding of different qualities, styles and fits, so get your hands on things! DON’T FEEL YOU HAVE TO BUY, an odd thing to say when we go to markets to sell items but remember this is your first time, it’s about exploring and learning so that when you do buy something you are purchasing it with the confidence that it is the right buy for you.

On your second visit your over the hump of it being a new experience, you know what to expect, you have an idea of what you will see. Now take this and focus on what interests you, ask the questions you might have been too embarrassed to ask on your first visit but again don’t feel you have to buy. The reality is the second visit will give you the confidence to buy from the people you talk to. You’re probably going to spend a little bit more for the items then you might do online but the quality and longevity of them will outlive any of the cheaper stuff and make that slightly extra cost completely worth it.

Shops to visit

My personal favourites are Jacks Floggers, Leather Delights and Wicked Woods.

Jack’s Floggers are the most amazing whips and floggers you will see, made by people who use floggers. Their knowledge and products are to die for.

Leather Delights; collars, cuffs, gags, leads and all things leather, plush in padding and heavy in quality handmade leather work there is something for every taste, size and style.

Wicked Woods; If I were to share a brain then it would be with this man, Chris is exceptionally talented and a true creative adventure. He makes the most phenomenal wooden knives, paddles and boxes; you have to see them to believe them.

London Alternative Market, LAM is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re just starting your sexual adventure or have been on the sexual road for years there is something for everyone and if that’s not enough you get to talk to me for as long as you like.

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Money Bitch

So way back, months go in May we were asked by Miss Stryker if we could make a dildo with fake money in.

It’s not a request we get every day so was intrigued and started to ask why. For us, everything has a ‘why’ and when we can find the why and understand it we can create for it. An example of this is our Plug-B and Peg, they were created to give newcomers to anal pleasure an enjoyable experience, our Qube design was a way of recycling dildos that went wrong, everything has a why.

It turns out Miss Stryker has a custom strap on harness with the words ‘capitalism’ written on it and wanted a dildo with money in to go with it. You can see it starts to become clear, you have the word ‘capitalism’ written on something for a reason, the rebellious, non-confirmative almost child like attitude to societies sometimes brain washed views of how the world should be, what right, what’s wrong. We found our why.

[easingslider id=”1274″]

We can relate to not bucking the trend, going against the grain and wanting to stick it to the man so this had to be as much of a statement as the very word, it had to make people look in disbelief and have some strong emotion, either I love it or it’s so ridiculous your stupid to even make it. It had to be polarising, divide opinions and not be a meek, weak statement. But we wanted the delicate, elegance or craftsmanship to be unanimously loved, love or loathe the idea but appreciate and respect the elegance of work. Yes, it’s a fine line to walk but one we wanted to walk from the beginning.

For this to be a statement it had to be real money and it had to be considered a substantial amount, $40 – £40 we agreed would be the lowest amount we would put in! Really we want to be putting $100 – £100, even $200 inside the dildo.

The first idea was to write ‘Money Bitch’ in black marker on the money so your can see it through the silicone, concerns over defacing money came up and we actually think it would have been a step too far. By almost paying respect to the currency, cleverly and carefully encapsulating it as a key feature we feel brings more elegance to the creation, a black marker would not have given it that air of class. This backhanded compliment draws a little attention away from the very fact it’s inside a dildo.

The dildo was finished off with a gold base,the reason we chose gold was because it again adds to the overall why of what we wanted to achieve. We are all fascinated by gold, but the saying ‘money is the root of all evil’ just seems to go hand in hand with the likes of blood diamonds, illegal gold trades, the beautiful raw materials.

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Sex Toys That Glow in the Dark

A glow in the dark sex toy might on the face of it sound and look like a novelty idea, but you would be wrong.

Yes, the very fact it ‘glows in the dark’ can be considered as a novel idea but you need to look beyond what you first see and think about using it. So now, your thinking it would be easy to find when the lights are out and again yes, you would be right but you’re thinking to normally, you’re thinking of silly things because you’re amused but also intrigued by the idea, so let me paint the picture for you.

Glow in the dark toys are like little windows of light breaking through the stark contrast of a pitch black background. The window of light is small and concentrated radiating only a couple of inches into the dark black landscape and if used correctly this window of light can evoke heightened feelings, make the mind run wild and the body write with pleasure.

As the user (for couple play), use the light to your advantage, let them see little glimpses of your tongue pass & your finger probe.
Use the light to distract, remember the window of light is only a couple of inches, what happens outside of that can not be seen only felt.
Use the light to see what you’re doing but do it elegantly, with style, conviction and get it right teasing them to the edge and back again.

When using glow in the dark toys on your own you have the extra sensations of seeing your most intermediate areas throb and swell as you bring yourself to climax. Watching as you play and seeing your own body in a different light allows you to get lost in the moment, like your very own private sex show, starring you.

‘Glow in the Dark’ toys are so much more than a novelty!


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Ambit – A dildo designed for G-spot and Prostate pleasure

We would like to welcome you all to Ambit, our new smaller curved dildo for G-spot and prostate pleasure.

We have created the ambit to try and counter some of the problems found with other G-spot and prostate toys, while also using our knowledge and injecting fun to the finished toy.

Starting with the base, circular and flared the Ambit is strap-on harness compatible and you will need a 1.5 inch or 40mm o-ring. When rested on a flat surface you will see that the Ambit is very curved, this is intentional and I common problem we hear regarding strap on dildos. When using a strap on the dildo will sit around the pubic bone, it’s comfortable and where most harnesses have the o-ring positioned. The pubic bone doesn’t sit horizontal to the body there is actually about a 20% downward angle. By making the Ambit extra curvey, around 20% more curvey the dildo sits in a comfortable and usable position.

[easingslider id=”1104″]

The shaft of the Ambit is 1.2 to 1.5 inches or 30mm to 40mm in size with the base being the widest. The shaft is smooth with no texture, we did contemplate texture but we felt that texture would be too much when combined with the head of the Ambit. You know it’s like the old saying too many chefs spoil the broth, this was how we felt with texture and it didn’t complement the head of the toy, after all it’s a G-spot and prostate toy.

Most of the work and thought has gone into the head, from its bulbous width to the tapered almost arrow shaped head. We wanted to create something with a relatively large, but sill manageable head, around the size of your G-spot or prostate. It seemed the most sense to create the widest surface area on the top of the dildo and then angling that to rest again the G-spot or prostate during use. The wide head is not flat, it is in fact curved, it was curved slightly to be like the soft underside of the tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensation.
The head of the Ambit was also created for ease of use, we know that although the shaft of the Ambit is quite small, the head actually is also one of the widest points of the toy. The smooth, rounded arrow shaped head has been designed for an enjoyable, easy insertion with no warming up required. We wanted the Ambit to be your quicky friend as well as a long and sensual toy for you enjoy.

You asked for a curved G-spot and prostate toy, we put our thinking caps on and worked on a toy for those needs, addressing problems we felt needed to be corrected, enhancing your experience during use and giving it our GODEMICHE style and flair.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure and much satisfaction we give you Ambit.

Launching 25th July 2016. Subscribe for more details.

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