Image of the gold plug b in the snow - banner Christmas break

Taking a Christmas Break

We have been working very hard this year and this Christmas holiday we have decided to take a little break to spend more time with our family. It gives us an opportunity to just relax and get new ideas for the new year ahead. So with all of that in mind, we would like to […]
Image of monika in a red light for Sinful Sunday

Worth – Sinful Sunday

You are worth More than you Will ever know And I love you in Ways your Crumbling heart Could never fathom. Come to me in pieces And exist inside me Whole -Christopher Poindexter       Kiss the lips to see who else is sinful  
A sexy Christmas gift guide list with godemiche dildos and Christmas baubles and fake snow

A Grown-up Christmas List.

Yes it is that time of year again and everyone is searching for that perfect Christmas gift. Now here at Godemiche we obviously have plenty of options for you to peruse but we also like to be helpful to our costumers and so we have put together this little list of alternative ideas that grabbed […]

Disguise – Sinful Sunday

‘Undress my soul and may I lay naked before your eyes. Discolour the sorrow and melt the pain like snow, for in this world it has only even been a disguise Take me as I am naked.’ -Christopher Poindexter Check who else have been sinful
Erofame - Delivery Delays - Image of the out of office


Erofame is just around the corner and we are very happy and excited to announce that we will be attending the show as traders this year. The show starts on the 11th and ends on the 13th October 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Let me tell you few words about it. Erofame is a trade convention for the […]
A Taste Of Your Porn. An image of looking up Monikas naked body to the underside of her breasts with a mans hand on her stomach

A Taste Of Your Porn

A Taste Of Your Porn – A short (you not kidding) rhyme by Adam I like to lick in candlelight Flicking left and swishing right We’re going to be up, way past midnight If you’re feeling creative please free to leave a verse in the comments, your own follow-on rhyming filth. I’m a massive fan of oral sex, the giving, […]
#LetsalkPorn 6 myths about squirting. Blog post header debunking 6 myths about female ejaculation

6 Myths Porn Has Taught Us about Squirting

With all the intrigue and mystery surrounding the topic of “squirting” along side the wide spread belief it is the zenith of sexual achievement and ecstasy, it’s little surprise that it has become such a popular and widely searched category within the porn world. According to the detailed set of insights recently published by Pornhub, […]