Cyber Monday Sale Godemiche

Cyber Monday 20% Sale At GODEMICHE

“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” – Morpheus This Cyber Monday we are showing you the door with 20% off everything to free your body and mind. All your favorite GODEMICHE toys will be 20% cheaper for […]

Black Friday Deals and Offers

Black Friday is almost upon us and we have 35% off anything Black using code BLACK35. Call us old fashioned but Black Friday happens on Friday, not all week. So from 4am to 11.59pm EST on Friday 25th November you can get 35% off anything black. This includes black pearl and thing with a black […]
Suction Cup Dildo

Suction Cup Dildo Now Available

Suction Cup Dildo We get asked to make all sorts of wonderful things some we can make others we only wish we could make. A suction cup dildo was something we could make and to be honest it was something we just needed to refine, to rework and make right as we had started them […]
Affordable packaging godemiche blog banner

Affordable Packaging – Can It Be True?

Packaging has been a topic of decision now for well over 6 months. When we started GODEMICHE we wanted to offer the most affordable product we would, proper packaging is just an added expense that we identified as wasteful and unnecessary. Unfortunately this isn’t something that everyone also believes, some businesses are reassured by packaging, […]
Godemiche At London Alternative Market LAM

London Alternative Market aka LAM

London Alternative Market or as we all call it, LAM is a monthly fetish market/event and after party we love to attend. Held on the first Sunday of every month LAM is one of the very BEST fetish markets in the UK, with the other being Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (the BBB). At London Alternative Market […]

Money Bitch

So way back, months go in May we were asked by Miss Stryker if we could make a dildo with fake money in. It’s not a request we get every day so was intrigued and started to ask why. For us, everything has a ‘why’ and when we can find the why and understand it […]
Glow in the dark sex toy

Sex Toys That Glow in the Dark

A glow in the dark sex toy might on the face of it sound and look like a novelty idea, but you would be wrong. Yes, the very fact it ‘glows in the dark’ can be considered as a novel idea but you need to look beyond what you first see and think about using […]