Taking a Christmas Break

We have been working very hard this year and this Christmas holiday we have decided to take a little break to spend more time with our family. It gives us an opportunity to just relax and get new ideas for the new year ahead. So with all of that in mind, we would like to announce that we will be taking a break for from the 18th December 2017 until the 2nd January 2018. Don’t forget that you can still place an order between these dates just that our 7 day shipping policy will obviously not apply.

We would also like to remind you that Christmas time is very busy not only for us but also for the Post Office so the usual delivery time might take a little bit longer. The estimated delivery time to the US is 2-3 weeks but please add few days on top of that to receive your parcel. Also, the UK delivery might come slightly later than estimated 3-5 days (2nd Sign).  We know that you are all anxious to receive your purchases but sadly delivery is something that we don’t have a control of, once it is out of our hands -if it’s not trackable- then it is down to the postal service but if you have any questions about your parcel you can always send us an email at orders@g-silicone.com and we will do our absolute best to help you..

Christmas break doesn’t mean we won’t be active on social media. It is part of our life now to communicate with you all and so we will continue to be active on those platforms. If you want to find us on your favourite social media then follow the links below.

See you on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat;)

Have the best Christmas ever and Happy New 2018 Year!

See you very soon.

Adam & Monika



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Disguise – Sinful Sunday

‘Undress my soul

and may I lay

naked before your eyes.

Discolour the sorrow

and melt the pain

like snow,

for in this world

it has only even

been a disguise

Take me as I am naked.’

-Christopher Poindexter

Image of Monika next to the blinds for sinful sunday

Check who else have been sinful

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Godemiche Delivery Delays Erofame


Erofame is just around the corner and we are very happy and excited to announce that we will be attending the show as traders this year. The show starts on the 11th and ends on the 13th October 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Let me tell you few words about it. Erofame is a trade convention for the erotic market. It is a worldwide the leading B2B event for the erotic industry, attracting over 200 national and international exhibitors in its latest instalment. The international trade convention has a focus on products and services from the erotic market and the lifestyle segment, including adult toys and erotic accessories, but also lingerie and other products that only have little to do with the hardcore industry.

It is very important for Godemiche to take the business to the next level. We want to grow every year and our expectations are very high, we want to succeed and be recognisable worldwide. That’s why we want to take our time to prepare for it.

With all that we want to inform you that there will be delays regarding your orders. All the orders placed on the 1st October will be made after the show ( 17th Oct  ) and despatched by the 23rd October.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will try to reply to your emails and messages as soon as we can.



Adam & Monika


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Exposed – Sinful Sunday

She has secrets you know nothing of.

Her heart is unexplored territory,

her secret soul is virginal still.

She awaits an intimacy more naked than skin. – John Mark Green


Bridge Boobs


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Follow Your Heart – Sinful Sunday

Follow Your Heart


If you followed my photography journey on Instagram a while ago, you will know that I had few struggles whilst my course was on.

One of them was to find the perfect place to take photos in abandoned old textiles factory called Corah that I discovered.

The building was patrolled by a security guy and it was quite dangerous to be inside but I finally managed to do it with some much needed help from Adam.

I think this poem capture what I want to say.


Magic happens when

you do not give up,

even though you

want to.

The universe always

falls in love with a

stubborn heart.

Magic Place - Corah Leicester


















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Au Naturel – Boobday


Au Naturel

I am naked,

                not unclothed

                                     but exposed…

        You undress me,

                not my skin

                                    but my soul.


Night Au Naturel - Boobday


Every Friday is a Boobday so click to see more of them.


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Ruined Awakening – Sinful Sunday

Ruined Awakening 

There is a story behind this post so bear with me.

Corah and Sons was a manufacturer of hosiery and textiles, located in Leicester. At one time it was the largest knitwear producer in Europe, and its products had a major influence on the development and prosperity of the Marks & Spencer chain of retail stores.

The whole factory survived over 150 years and it still stands to present day. When I saw it for the first time thru the lens of my camera I felt in love. I was on my 8-week  photography course for beginners and we were passing by this abandoned building and I was blown away!

I have to go there! I need to take some pictures! I’ve never been so excited and desperate to do something so crazy.

By the very end of my course when we had to present our final project with specific theme I knew what I was going to do. I wanted to combine portraiture and architecture of Leicester. I had it so fixed in my mind and nobody could even dare to say it’s not going to happen. That wasn’t an option! I’ll tell you one thing  – it was the most amazing and exciting thing I’ve done for a long time! I felt alive again.

I’ve found my escape to be me. Not a mum, cooker, cleaner, hairdresser. Not a business partner, dildo maker, entertainer just being myself and at this moment it’s the most beautiful feeling for me.

Even now my face is smiling cause I want to get back there to take some different shots maybe without a shirt this time…


Waken up in the ruins-SinfulSunday


Sending all the attention to other participants of Sinful Sunday

simply click on the lips. Please leave the comment as well it means a lot.

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GODEMICHE Lifetime Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be great if something lasted a lifetime?

Buy it once and not only will it keep going as long as you do but it will also outlive you

But surely it would cost thousand if not millions?

For many things yes, but not for one of our products because it comes free with every silicone Godemiche item we make.

Silicone is very resilient, a nonporous, hypoallergenic material that doesn’t degrade easily and if treated correctly will last a lifetime and beyond.

We are so confident in our unique blend of silicone that we are offering a lifetime guarantee on all silicone Godemiche toys. If your toy is found to have a manufacturing defect, then we will replace it immediately.

What is even better is orders placed directly with us will not require a receipt for the replacement, a simple tracking back of your details will find your original order, meaning that there is not need to keep your receipt.

Orders placed with a third party supplier will also be honoured but we will need to know a little more information like who you purchased with, when and any receipts or other information you received.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it’s not. We will honour your lifetime guarantee with any of our silicone products. However, we can not honour this agreement if your found to have neglected the toy. Neglect would be allowing your pets to use it as a chew toy or scratching post, loss, theft or general ill treatment of the product. If you purchased a ‘What The Flop’ then you purchased a defective item at a lesser cost, and the lifetime guarantee will cover the item excluding its known and advertised defects.


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Live Chat June 13th Cancelled

Live chat is cancelled this week, back to the normal schedule next week. But below is a little update on the week.

Internet arrives in a month

The big thing this week has been having the internet installation sorted at our new offices, well booked in, more on the road to sorted than sorted itself. It’s booked in for July 4th, yes over 3 weeks way. You haven’t been seeing things in the office quite as often as normal and that is because we have no internet signal in the new office. Its frustrating but the end is in sight.

Clean images

I’ve been promising some super sex images of the things we make and this week you have had just a little taste of what’s to come. It’s been crazy for Helix toys this week so we took the opportunity to take pictures right after taking the toys out the mold and boy are they nice. We are super pleased with how easy it is becoming to share with you as many of the unique and beautiful colour combinations of our toys as we can.

Live Q&A

Back next week

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Take It Slow

  • Let’s Take It Slow

Take It Easy

We meet Again Discovering Each other like Newbies

I’m Excited and So Ready

Ready to Love  You Again… 

Take It Slow

Having kids has changed us.

We’re not the same as we used to be, we’re less spontaneous and free, with no time for ourselves and anything else including having a romantic night together. But that is gone now. We decided to make a change and take a step forward. Starting with a long candle massage against our bodies, touching in forbidden places, using our first slap paddle, teasing, testing and making love again…

So Let’s Take It Slow.


So how Sinful where You?

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