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Live Chat – 8th August

We love our Live Chats! We have got  so used to our Tuesday’s live streams that we very rarely missed them. So this time we will be talking about few things that happened last week. 1. We’re going away! Firstly and very importantly, we’ll be out of the office for few days to take some […]
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Live Chat 1st August

  LAM – London Alternative Market  As every first Sunday of the month, we are attending to #LAM. It’s a fetish market very close to our hearts and we would like to invite you as well. This time we’ll be in two so Adam and Monika will have your full attention if you want to […]
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Live Chat 18th July

We are sorry about last weeks Live Chat but life rather caught up with us and we just ran out of hours in our day but this week we are back! Welcome to Live Chat 18th July Your questions We know its not always easy to get 5 mints to yourself and that not everyone […]
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Live Chat 11 July Cancelled

Welcome to our round-up of what happened this week. GODEMICHE Independence Day As your probably aware we had a flash 24 hour sale on the 6th July to celebrate our first year of running GODMEICHE full time. We were amazed at how well it went and just how many of you took advantage of the sale. […]
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Live Chat 4th July

Apology We would like to sincerely and profusely apologise for our stupid and thoughtless comments published in our Instagram story about pubic hair. As a company we are always striving to make a positive change and challenge people beliefs regarding sexuality supporting the message that everyone has the right to a healthy, happy and positive […]
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Live Chat – 6th June

iam Meeting I think its time to discuss more about this ‘iam’ group you might have heard us talking about. So what is iam? Simply put iam is a group of small UK businesses that are driven to make positive change for the adult industry and its customers. Once every two months, we all descend on a chosen destination […]