Frequently Asked Questions

Popular & frequently asked questions

Body safe & Material Questions

What are your dildos made from?

All of our dildos and butt plugs are only made using Platinum Cure Silicone. 

Is the colouring in the dildos non-toxic and body safe?

Everything we make is body safe. Colouring pigments are specially formulated for use inside silicone, glitters are all non-toxic and body safe.

Is your silicone tested on animals?

No, the silicone we use for all of our toys and also for our moulds has been ethically tested, NOT on animals.

Custom Order Questions

Do you make custom colour orders? 

We can, do and will mix up any colours in any combination simply send us an email asking. Send your email to giving us an explanation of what colours you would like, even attach an image or the colour you like and we can then give you a reply on cost etc. Please note this is a custom colour combination, not a custom dildo creation or shape. 

Can you make a custom dildo?

The process to sculpt, cost and refine a dildo design is very very timely and expensive. For this reason, we cannot make you the dildo you have drawn or have imagined in your head. We are always making new designs so please feel free to send us an email outlining what you would like to see in a dildo and we will try and incorporate elements into future designes. 


Cleaning Questions

How can I clean my GODEMICHE sex toy?

You can clean your toy with soap and water, boiling water,toy cleaner and even put them in the dishwasher.

Can I put my GODEMICHE in the dishwasher?

Yes you can put all of our silicone toys in the dishwasher. We recommend running them through on a plain water wash without detergents.  

Lubricant Questions

What lubricant can I use?

You’re only recommended to use a waterbased lubricant, as the silicone can react with the toys and destroy them.

We have tested our silicone toys with Give Lube Silicone + and it’s very safe to use and why it’s for sale on our website. It’s our personal favourite. If you want to use a different silicone lubricant then we recommend you do a patch test on the base before using. We will not accept responsibility for toys damaged if you use a different silicone.