Godemiche Silicone Dildo Selection of ambits in different colours

We are all about bringing colours to the world of sex toys. When we started Godemiche one of the things we wanted to do was to move away from was sex toys all coming in a small range of similar colours and so we started experimenting with different colours, firstly on their own and then adding glitters and eventually mixing colours together. It is something we never get bored of doing. We are continually trying out new colours mixes. Our customers have also been hugely inspirational in this area of our design as they are often suggesting colours we have not mixed before and they nearly always turn out to be amazing.

All of our silicone products are hand poured by us at our office in Leicestershire in the UK. Because each toy is hand poured it means that every single one of our products is completely unique because every single pour will mix and flow differently making different patterns and swirls every single time. So what ever colour is your favourite we definitely do it and if you can’t decide on just one then you don’t have too. After all, the world is a colourful place, why shouldn’t your sex toy be too!