Anal sex is AMAZING if you do it right and our Peg has been designed for an enjoyable first time anal experience.

The Peg is perfect for harness play and also to be played with by hand, but it’s not going to stay in.
The Peg was shaped like a long finger, the circumference (0.78inches) and length (5inches) are the perfect side for anyone to enjoy.

The Peg has a rounded tip for ease/comfort when inserting and is made of a firm silicone to ensure that the sometimes tricky bit of inserting any anal dildo. Halfway down the shaft are 6 ridged, these ridged are to give more stimulation to the receiver during their experience. Slow thrust of The Peg will give the receiver sensation of being penetrated and the ridges will further enhance that sensation.

So we have the Plug-B a ‘T’ based Beginners Butt Plug that will stay in place allowing you to have some hands free anal fun. The Plug-B is a small (but highly pleasurable) size, with a length of 2.7 inches and insertable length of 2.1 inches in length. The insertable length is what will actually go inside your bum. At its widest point (around the middle of the plug) it is only 1 inch.

The Anal Beginners Starter Pack come in one of the 7 standard colours, red, blue, yellow, navy, black, brown, dark green,white and 6 of UV colours pink UV, blue UV, yellow UV, magenta UV, purple UV, orange UV.

All packs come with one Peg + one small Plug-B in your chosen colour.

NOTE FOR FIRST TIMERS – When you insert the plug/peg for the very first time, go slowly and use a lot of lubricant. Once you reach the widest point of the plug your body will want to pull the Plug-B into your bum quickly. Don’t worry this is perfectly normal, it’s not going to get sucked all the way in, the base is there to stop this happening.

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Weight 122 g


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