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Are you looking for your first anal toys but don’t know where to start? Maybe you already enjoy anal and want a set of new matching silicone anal toys?

Then the Anal set is for you. This 4 price set includes all you need for wearable, penetrable, pleasurable anal fun. 

In this set you get

  • One Plug B Small
  • One Apex Small
  • One Apprentice Dildo
  • One 2oz/56ml bottle of Lube

Plug B Small 

Everything about the Plug-B has been designed to make your anal experience an enjoyable one. It has a perfectly rounded tip to make it easier to insert. The tip gradually widens the more you insert until you get to the widest point and then it tapers back into stem of the plug which is attached to the T base. For those who are new to anal play always take your time and use plenty of lube.

The Plug B T shaped base has been sculpted to complement the shape of your body and sit comfortably between your bum cheeks. The base is also wider than the body of butt plug to ensue that the Plug-B can not disappear into your bum.

Apex Small 

The Apex is essentially a cross between a butt plug and anal beads. It has a tapered head for easy insertion and the shaft has two distinctive bulges to create pleasure sensations.

Total length – 4 inches
Usable Length – 3.5 Inches
Circumference at the widest part – 3.2inches
Small Apex is made of the shore 15 – so it’s a squishy soft silicone.

The Apprentice 

The Apprentice is a close relations to The Peg. It is the result of numerous requests for a Peg without the ridges and also slightly thicker so we decided to turn it into a permanent part of our product listings. Shaped like a like a long fat finger it has a rounded tip for easy comfortable insertion and a smooth shaft that is the same circumference all the way down. It is an perfect anal toy for both beginners and more experienced anal players. The Apprentice is made from firm silicone which means it is not floppy which is ideal for anal toys. It also comes with a flared base that makes it perfect for strap-on use and also means that it can’t get lost inside your bottom.

Spunk Lube

Spunk Lube Hybrid is a water based silicone lubricant that resembles the look and feel of natural body lubrication.

It has a non staining, hypoallergenic formula that cleans up very easily. It’s white, creamy and fun to use. Spunk Lube Hybrid is not sticky, tacky or greasy. It’s perfect for anal, vaginal, masturbation, solo, sex, toys, condoms & more. Spunk Lube Hybrid is formulated with the highest quality of ingredients.

This set comes with a 2oz/56ml bottle of Spunk Lube

Ingredients for Hybrid: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Methylparaben.


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Pack Colour

Black Pearlescent, Boltgun Grey, Copper Pearlescent


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