Dual Sensation Wooden/Silicone Paddle


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The paddle is hand made from exotic woods. One side features the beautiful grain of the wooden paddle while the reverse features a sheet of hand poured uniquely coloured Godemiche silicone.

This is a very unique product that you won’t find anywhere else and it teams up the hand made craftsmanship of Wicked Woods with our beautiful and hand poured silicone. One paddle, two sensations!


Paddle 1 – Zebrano wood with Black & Red Silicone
Paddle 2 – Walnut wood, curved handle with Black & Purple Pearlescent silicone
Paddle 3 – Walnut wood with Black & Purple Pearlescent silicone

How does it feel?

The wooden feels like a traditional wooden paddle. It is hefty and fairly unforgiving and delivers a fairly intense stinging sensation. The silicone side however works like a padding that creates a bit of give and so the sharp sting is removed slightly and it becomes a more thug like sensation. One paddle, two sensations!


*Please note the paddles are all made by hand and sizes are an average not an exact.
length – 18inch / 45.2cm
Width – 2.7inch / 6.8cm
Depth – 1.7inch / 1.7cm

Length – 11.5inch / 29.2cm
Width – 2.1inc / 5.3cm

While Stocks Last

Please note we make the silicone but Wicked Woods makes the paddles and creates the dual sensation paddle. For this reason, the paddles are a ‘while stocks last’ item. When we get more paddles from Wicked Woods our stock will be updated.

Is it Vegan

Sadly, not, the adhesive used to attach the silicone to the paddle is not Vegan.


The paddle is made from various kinds of wood (named in the listing), it’s handmade and finished with natural wood oil. The silicone section is 100% Platinum Silicone, body-safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable.
For more information about the materials we use to make our products our packaging, delivery and cleaning your toys please visit out FAQ page.


Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no Logo. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the customs declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

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