Ambit Galaxy

Experience the gravitational attraction of the Ambit Galaxy where you can relax in a tranquil pool of Black, UV Pink, UV Blue bound together in a glittering system of stars and surrounded by incandescent dark matter.

Every Ambit Galaxy is totally unique with the colours mixed and poured into the mould that spreads out into iridescent waves and streaks of colour, engulfed with black and immersed in shades of purple when the pink and blue blend together as one.

Ambit Nebula

A delicious “Nebula is a diffuse cloud of interstellar dust made visible by luminous areas of darkness as is absorbs and reflects light that will light up your senses in an explosion of light.

Each Ambit Nebular is lovingly made using a secret mix of Black, UV Green, UV Blue, Pearl and Glitter for the twinkle of stars you will experience with every use.

Ambit Solar Flare

A Solar Flare occurs when magnetic energy builds up in the solar atmosphere and is suddenly released as your unrestrained emotions explode into millions of stars.

Each Ambit Solar Flare is made with a salacious mixture of Black, a scandalous amount of Red, and a shocking injection of Yellow; before wrapping them together with an outrageous splash of Glitter that will put a twinkling star in your eyes.

Ambit Helix Nebula

The Helix Nebula is our yin and yang version of the pop culture “Eye of God” while also representing the “Eye of Sauron” whatever your mood and desires, it will perform perfectly every time.

Helix is made using beautiful pearlescent colours – Black, a touch of Blue, Bronze and Copper. The blue glitter is added to imitate the stars.

Uses: Created to extend your desires with its accurate G-spot and P-spot accuracy. The head is wide and angled to best stimulate the G-spot or Prostate during intimate use. The wide curved head feels just like the soft underside of the tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensations that will catapult you to the stars.

The base is circular and flared for total compatibility with your Strap on harness, you will need a 1.5 inch or 40mm O-ring. The extra curve to the shaft is designed to stand to attention horizontally when in a strap on harness, leaving you to enjoy the moment.

Measurements: The shaft is 1.2 – 1.5 inches or 3cm – 4cm diameter with the base being the widest. The shaft is completely smooth with no added texture. From base to tip the Ambit is 5.6 inches or 14.2cm long


Additional information

Weight 194 g
Base Design

Standard, Suction Cup, Vibrating*

1 review for The Galaxy Collection Ambit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    “Every time the Ambit pushes into me, I go “oh.” You know, that little, breathless gasp of delighted surprise because intellectually, you knew this was going to feel good, you’ve done it before, multiple times – and yet the sensation still knocks your socks off? That kind of “oh.” It happens every time. My girlfriend thinks it’s very amusing.”

    I adore this toy. It has everything: quality, looks, affordability, ease of use, and it feels bloody brilliant. If you’ve been looking for a first dildo, get the Ambit. It’s not a huge investment, and it won’t disappoint you: its size is perfectly manageable for most people and its shape feels amazing, contrarily to some slightly underwhelming dildos that often get recommended to “beginners.” If you already own quite a few sex toys, get it anyway: it’s a more than worthy addition to your collection, and it won’t break the bank. This is, simply put, a very happy-making toy in every aspect.

    (Full review on my blog.)

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