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Grind Ring Bundle Offer – We are offering you a very special bundle.

The bundle is £149.97 but you can now get the same bundle for ONLY £99.99!

The Grind Ring Bundle Offer

£39.99 – Waves Grind Ring

£39.99 – Bubbles Grind Ring

£39.99 – Spikes Grind Ring

£12 – RO80 7 Speed Bullet Vibe

£9.99 – Spunk Lube 2oz

£8 – Teeny Tiny Dildo Keyring

 £149.96  – Bundle Total



That’s a massive saving of over £40 and you get a bespoke Godemiche keyring you can’t even buy yet.

The Grind Rings will all be made in Aquamarine. The Keyring will be randomly picked, style and colour will vary.

The Grind Rings are made in Aquamarine colour, the lube is a 2oz/56ml bottle and the keyring will be randomly picked, style and colour will vary. 


What is the Grind Ring?

The Grind Ring is your new best friend that’s going to bring you closer to earthmoving, blended orgasms. It is both a couple’s toy that will not get in the way of your intimacy and enhance your enjoyment while also being a toy you can use to explore your body on solo sexual adventures.

Blended orgasms are where G-sport and clitoral orgasms happen at the same time, taking you to the next level of orgasmic bliss.

How do you use the Grind Ring?

The way you use the grind ring is by placing a dildo or penis through the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from and up the front of your body. When using a strap-on harness while laying flat, slip the grind ring over your dildo to rest on the outside of your harness. If you’re using a penis, then you can either slide the penis through the hole or stretch the hole a little and scoop the testicles (balls) with the penis through a bit like a cock ring. (It is not tight enough to act like a proper cock ring though. Putting the balls through the hole just allows it to stay in place a bit more securely)


Godemiche Silicone Sex ToysUsing the Godemiche Grind Ring As a Male Female Couple

When the grind ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clitoris against the soft textured mound of the Grind Ring.

The raised mound brings the texture closer to the clitoris ensuring you have control over how much or how little stimulation you receive depending on how hard you grind down and when.


The Texture

Waves – “This is the texture I feel the most, I almost want to grind on it more”

As your body grinds backward and forward over each of the waves you get an almost continuous rubbing sensation.

Bubbles – “My clit feels like it’s being banged in a hard fuck as it bounces over the bubbles”

Despite the bubble texture being large, the stimulation is lighter, smoother, and almost bouncy as your body slides across it.

Spikes – These fuckers are fun, not quite as tortures as they look but defiantly not a light sensation. Each one of the spikes is soft and very flexible and as they make contact with the body they slide unpredictably left and right along your vulva. Sometimes a spike flicks across your clit and then slides down your labia, other times a spike glides down past your clit and between your two labia lips.


The Grind Ring Bundle Offer

For only £99.99 you will get;

1 x Waves Grind Ring (£39.99)

1 x Bubbles Grind Ring (£39.99)

1 x Spikes Grind Ring (£39.99)

1 x 7 Speed Bullet Vibe (£12)

1 x  Spunk Lube 2oz(£9.99)

1 x  Teeny Tiny Dildo Keyring (£8)

 £149.96  – Bundle Total


That’s a massive saving of over £40 and you get a bespoke Godemiche keyring you can’t even buy yet.

The offer will only be available for this weekend only.


Questions People Have

Pubic Hair: We have been asked if pubic hair makes a difference to using the Grind Ring. Whilst we don’t have pubic hair ourselves we have reached out to someone who we know who does and this is their feedback

“I honestly haven’t had any trouble at all. The only texture where I even notice it is the spikes, and even then it’s not really problematic. Like, they don’t get tangled or pull at my pubes painfully or anything. With the other 3 textures I currently have, it’s not a problem in the slightest.”

 My partner doesn’t have a penis. – The grind ring was designed to also be used over a dildo in a strap-on harness. You can also use them solo, roll up a pillow lay the grind ring on it and grind away.

I’m scared of the spikes. Were not going to lie we were apprehensive when we first made the spikes but after using them OMG it was just something else. They are soft, flexible and do amazing things to my clit as I grind away.

Additional information

Weight 520 g
Grind Ring Texture

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Primary Colour

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