Mon Amour Valentine 2023


The most beautiful Valentines gift


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Inspired by Beauty and the Beast we have created the Mon Amour, this stunning and beautiful showpiece of a dildo. Inside this glass bell jar, rested on the golden base sits the Godemiche Morpheus in a bespoke Valentine pearlescent, rouge colour. Wrapped around the Morpheus is a vibrant green stem that at its tip holds a velvet rose, deep red in colour, almost blood red, beautifully open, drawing you in for a closer look. Finishing off this showpiece dildo display you will find scattered across the base are a couple of lost petsls in that lip biting, lustful red.

The dildo inside is a Morpheus made with the same great Godemiche silicone that keeps curved toys curved. There are 10 of these Mon Amour available, 5 with the Morpheus Medium Thin and 5 with the Morpheus Medium Thick. Dimensions for both Morpheus are below.

You will receive one glass bell jar, one valentine red Morpheus, one velvet rose and 4 rose petals. The items will not come preassembled and you will have to unwrap and assemble taking approximately 3 minutes.

The Morpheus

Inside the beautiful Mon Amour display piece is a usable small Morpheus silicone dildo made by Godemiche

If curved dildos make you grip the bedsheets and scream ‘yes, yes, FUCK YES’ then The Morpheus is perfect for you.

Medium Thin

Usable length 6.9 inches / 17.7 cm

Diameter 1.5 inches / 3.9 cm

Circumference 4.3 inches / 11 cm

Medium Thick

Usable length 6.7 inches / 17.2 cm

Diameter 1.6 inches / 4.1 cm

Circumference 4.9 inches / 12.5 cm

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