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Gift the penis in your life the pleasure of enjoying all 5 of the OffBeat textures.

From suck, noisy blowjob textures to more realistic thought more intense edging textures, the OffBeat 5 texture pack has something for every occasion.

In the OffBeat 5 Texture pack, you will receive one of each texture in this beautiful blue, Reefs Water.


The original OffBeat texture and one of our most popular. The texture is not too intense nor is it too light, it’s a perfect place to start your OffBeat adventure.


Bigger Is better and the OffBeat Bubble is BIG in texture.

The OffBeat Bubble has large bumps that were designed out of curiosity to see how a bigger texture would feel and OMG we were glad we made it! The large bumps are perfectly smooth and slightly spaced apart giving this a light more life-like texture sensation.


Love a noisy blowjob?

The Kraken is the meshing of ideas and designs to create this amazing sucky, noisy OffBeat. When lubed up the large dipped texture sucks onto the shaft of your penis and offers a really unique sensation that can only be described as love bite kisses. The noise this makes is delightful, a slurping, sucking, squelching sound reminiscent of a noisy sloppy blow job.


This texture was actually inspired by octopus tentacles. We wanted to think outside the box and create a reversed texture, not one that sticks out and rubs but one that recedes and sucks. The noisy OffBeat Tantacle is like tiny little pop kisses around your dick that definitely sucks and don’t be fooled by the small texture because the sensations are BIG.


The OffBeat waves is a texture that can be used in two different ways offering two very different sensations. Sliding the OffBeat wave up and down a penis gives less friction against the texture making the sensations more subtle However if you use a twisting motion the friction is greater making the sensations more intense! Mixing your up and down strokes with left and right twists will give you a mixture of sensations to enjoy.


The OffBeat comes in 2 different sizes.

Grande is more of a head stimulator toy that works well with oral sex whereas the longer Venti is more like a typical stoke masturbator.


Because the OffBeat is made from 100% body-safe silicone you need to use a good amount of WATER-BASED lube only. Also please note that you should insert your penis into the end of the masturbator that says Godemiche. YOU CAN’T USE SILICONE LUBE with this product


Shipping is super-fast (1 to 2 days worldwide) and fully tracked so you know exactly where your items are.
Using DHL you get a fully tracked, signed-for service that gives you the freedom to know when your package is going to arrive, and if you’re not in then easily have the package left in a safe place, with a neighbor or just rescheduled for a day that’s more convenient.


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone making them body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and very durable. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.



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