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Calling all penis owners.

It’s time to take a different tack, to go OffBeat and discover a toy that treats your penis like royalty.

Yes that’s right we have developed our first ever toy for your penis and its called OffBeat.

Created from a love of wanking, OffBeat was designed to make using a sex toy more natural while keeping the enhanced sensations that your penis loves. We wanted to design something that was  easy to use and clean, something that you could just throw in to a drawer or even a bag if you are off on your travels.

Whether you like to wank with two fingers or a whole hand we wanted it to feel as natural as possible against your skin and in your grip so the hourglass shape mimics the way your fingers fall together when masturbating.

 OffBeat UV

The UV OffBeat is available in a selection of bold and vivid colours that look amazing in any light but under an ultra violet light it reveals it glowing secret

If you need help picking your ideal colours then check out our handy ‘Help Picking Colours’ page to see every single colour that we do.


OffBeat comes in two sizes

Grande – If you like lots of head stimulation, short strokes with twist and turns then the Grande is for you. (Length 5cm.)

Venti – If you’re more of a deep long strokes with head stimulation but also like a firm feeling around your shaft, then the Benti is for you. (Length 10cm.)

The only difference between the two sizes is length, the hole is the same size on both. (Diameter of the whole is approx 3cm)


Because the OffBeat is made from 100% body safe silicone you need to use a good amount of WATER-BASED lube only. Also please note that you should insert your penis into the end of the masturbator that says Godemiche. YOU CAN’T USE SILICONE LUBE with this product


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone, making them non-porous, body safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. All our silicone sex toys come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information about the materials we use to make our products our packaging, delivery and cleaning your toys please visit out FAQ page.


Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no Logo. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the customs declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’

Because of the super soft silicone used in the Offbeat it can not be included in the Lifetime Guarantee

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 cm
OffBeat Size

Grande (2 inch), Venti (4 inch)


UV Blue, UV Green, UV Magenta, UV Orange, UV Pink, UV Purple, UV Red, UV Yellow

1 review for OffBeat UV

  1. Chaste4501 (verified owner)

    BEST SLEEVE EVER!!! I bought both the Grande and Venti in UV blue on Christmas Day, and we were very keen to try them out. Under UV, they look amazing, and you can tell some research has been done with these sleeves – the ridges on the outside line up perfectly with your fingers and accommodate both my chubby digits and My Queen’s (who is also my real life girlfriend) slender little fingers very comfortably.
    The next thing you’ll notice is the dimples within the “tunnel”. Most sleeves have boring concentric ridges on the inside, which is great for the traditional up and down motion one associates with masturbation, but doesn’t allow for teasing with a rotation action. That’s where the dimples are a genius addition here, because it doesn’t matter which direction you go – be it up and down or rotating – you’re always going to get sensation from this amazing toy.
    Obviously, lubricant is a must or you’re going to give the little fella a chinese burn, and this is where the supple silicone comes into it’s own, working with your favourite waterbased lube to stay nice and slippery for quite a while…
    My Queen used the Venti very effectively to edge me for a full hour as part of our normal tease and denial session, using full strokes up and down Her Property (a.k.a. Nudger) to make me beg for mercy, and very tormenting rotations around both the shaft and best of all around the helmet. VERY VERY NICE INDEED!!!
    She was gracious enough to let me use the Grande myself afterwards, guiding my efforts inside the more lengthy sleeve, and I can assure you the sensation of all those dimples is a joy to behold.
    Don’t worry about the clean-up either, they can be turned inside out for a thorough rinsing and demonstrated in the company’s recent twitter feed, and they can be stored easily once dry in the cardboard tubes the sleeves are packaged in.
    Which of the two would I recommend? BOTH OF THEM! Trust me, you need these!

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