Want more sensation when you masturbate? Then the OffBeat is for you.

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    Are you sure? Adding lube now means you get the best posssible price

Want more sensation when you masturbate? Then the OffBeat is for you.

Enjoy long sensual strokes, fast or slow, and want something more than your hand? Then the OffBeat Venti is for you. Super easy to clean, super easy to use, and lots of extra sensations from the silicone nipples that line the inside.

Enjoy stimulation around the head of your penis? Then the OffBeat Grande is for you. A shorter version of the OffBeat Grande is ideal for teasing and edge play as well as satisfying masturbation.

To see the exact size of both types of OffBeat scroll down to our handy sizing graphic.

OffBeat Textures

The OffBeat comes in 5 different textures


The original OffBeat texture and one of our most popular. The texture is not too intense nor is it too light, it’s a perfect place to start your OffBeat adventure.


Bigger Is better and the OffBeat Bubble is BIG in texture.

The OffBeat Bubble has large bumps that were designed out of curiosity to see how a bigger texture would feel and OMG we were glad we made it! The large bumps are perfectly smooth and slightly spaced apart giving this a light more life-like texture sensation.


Love a noisy blowjob?

The Kracken is the meshing of ideas and designs to create this amazing sucky, noisy OffBeat. When lubed up the large dipped texture sucks onto the shaft of your penis and offers a really unique sensation that can only be described as love bite kisses. The noise this makes is delightful, a slurping, sucking, squelching sound reminiscent of a noisy sloppy blow job.


This texture was actually inspired by octopus tentacles. We wanted to think outside the box and create a reversed texture, not one that sticks out and rubs but one that recedes and sucks. The noisy OffBeat Tantacle is like tiny little pop kisses around your dick that definitely sucks and don’t be fooled by the small texture because the sensations are BIG.


The OffBeat waves is a texture that can be used in two different ways offering two very different sensations. Sliding the OffBeat wave up and down a penis gives less friction against the texture making the sensations more subtle However, if you use a twisting motion the friction is greater making the sensations more intense! Mixing your up and down strokes with left and right twists will give you a mixture of sensation to enjoy.

OffBeat Colours




Because the OffBeat is made from 100% body-safe silicone you need to use a good amount of WATER-BASED lube only. Also please note that you should insert your penis into the end of the masturbator that says Godemiche. YOU CAN’T USE SILICONE LUBE with this product


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone making them body-safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable.. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.



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23 reviews for OffBeat

  1. Stunt Cock

    I have had so much fun with the OffBeat (nice play on words guys). This is a nice little masturbator and I like the fact that it doesn’t look like a dismembered body part. The inner texture provides some very nice sensations without being too much to enjoy. Cleaning is a breeze. All in all, I think the OffBeat is a well thought out and functional sex toy and it is one that I will continue to enjoy.

  2. Hislordship

    What great new product; very impressed! At first I thought this small pretty toy would be a one trick pony, however, I proved myself wrong quite a few times…
    Seriously though the Off Beat looks great and feels better. Some real thought has gone into this and it works a treat! Cleaning is really quick and simple, plus the packaging container is great for longer term storage.
    Well done Adam and Monika!

  3. Chaste4501 (verified owner)

    BEST SLEEVE EVER!!! I bought both the Grande and Venti in UV blue on Christmas Day, and we were very keen to try them out. Under UV, they look amazing, and you can tell some research has been done with these sleeves – the ridges on the outside line up perfectly with your fingers and accommodate both my chubby digits and My Queen’s (who is also my real life girlfriend) slender little fingers very comfortably.
    The next thing you’ll notice is the dimples within the “tunnel”. Most sleeves have boring concentric ridges on the inside, which is great for the traditional up and down motion one associates with masturbation, but doesn’t allow for teasing with a rotation action. That’s where the dimples are a genius addition here, because it doesn’t matter which direction you go – be it up and down or rotating – you’re always going to get sensation from this amazing toy.
    Obviously, lubricant is a must or you’re going to give the little fella a chinese burn, and this is where the supple silicone comes into it’s own, working with your favourite waterbased lube to stay nice and slippery for quite a while…
    My Queen used the Venti very effectively to edge me for a full hour as part of our normal tease and denial session, using full strokes up and down Her Property (a.k.a. Nudger) to make me beg for mercy, and very tormenting rotations around both the shaft and best of all around the helmet. VERY VERY NICE INDEED!!!
    She was gracious enough to let me use the Grande myself afterwards, guiding my efforts inside the more lengthy sleeve, and I can assure you the sensation of all those dimples is a joy to behold.
    Don’t worry about the clean-up either, they can be turned inside out for a thorough rinsing and demonstrated in the company’s recent twitter feed, and they can be stored easily once dry in the cardboard tubes the sleeves are packaged in.
    Which of the two would I recommend? BOTH OF THEM! Trust me, you need these!

  4. marianaavram (verified owner)

    I bought this toy for my partner and he LOVES it! I wasn’t sure about it at the beginning… I was worried that he might not like it but as soon as we tried he loved it!
    I picked the gold and the color is gorgeous… We have the smaller size but we plan on buying the other one too in the future! Thank you, Monika and Adam!

  5. Anonymous Joe

    Off Beat Venti…. WOW ?,worth every penny! Guys if your unsure then trust me it’s awesome!!! Much softer than I expected but makes it even funner ?plenty off lube and your away.Also doesn’t look like your average male toy which is a bonus, and cleaning is a doddle. Also thanks to Monica for helping me with my shipping issues.

  6. Miss Dawn McFear

    I brought this for use on my submissives
    What can I say? It’s fantastic!
    I have both sizes in bolt gun grey.
    The smaller one for use on the head is brilliant and feels amazing so I am told! And the lager of the two is brilliant as well. The little pips inside feel amazing and my submissives it has been used on have said they are great.

    They are easy to clean, just turn inside out and give them a wash.
    The storage container they come in is a nice touch as well, means they are less likely to get covered in bits of fluff and dust etc, so thank you!

    Cant wait to put them to use some more

  7. Monstrous Jaffa

    I’ve never owned a masturbator sleeve before, so the Off Beat Venti was a first for me.

    Nicely packaged, looks good, feels soft to the touch.

    I thought I’d give it a 5 minute trial run. An hour and a half later I was grinning in post orgasmic bliss.

    Quick wash and dry and back in the box – easy.

    This toy is a wonderful piece of kit. Why haven’t you got one?

  8. Blaze Trey

    Great quality toy, fast shipping

  9. Charlie (verified owner)

    Bought the smaller size for my partner and it is a fantastic first masturbator. Looks very good in purple pearlescent. Stretchy enough to turn inside out for cleaning. Good fun for both parties.

  10. The Realness (verified owner)

    I was apprehensive when I first ordered this product – I was buying toys for my partner and I to play with together, but this caught my eye, especially when it’s review mentioned the noises it might make.

    Oh wow, were they right!

    The secret to this is lube lube lube. Make sure all of the internal surfaces are covered as well as a decent amount all over your cock and away you go.

    Immediately it took me back to the last time my partner teased me with her mouth, the pleasure was slow at first but built rapidly. I was initially concerned about the sensations which were super intense, but a bit of lube smoothed them out and I was able to really enjoy the ride. The grip moulded in to the outside is perfect for your fingers to grab on, even when you’re slippery from lube.

    Usually it can take me a while to climax, but the Kraken milked all of the fun out of me in only a few minutes!

    And yes, part of that is absolutely the noise! If you LOVE the sound of sloppy wet BJ’s and sex, this is ABSOLUTELY for you. If you live in a shared house, this could be a problem 😀

    10/10 Can’t wait to use this again!

  11. AlluringAli25 (verified owner)

    A fun experience with my husband! We ordered the 2 inch one. Now, I must say we have tried cock rings in the past, but never a sleeve because my husband was never interested. He picked this out just because the texture on the inside. When he used lube and slid it on, he loves the feeling of the texture and the material. We got to smaller one so he could penetrate me while he wears it. I absolutely love the sensation of hitting against me. It is not abrasive, does not hurt, and it definitely enhances the experience. My husband enjoyed it as well. We will definitely be having this one in the night stand when we real like using it!

  12. Marcus (verified owner)

    Bought my Offbeat Venti in pearl blue a while back, thought I ought to review it…
    This toy is amazing, use a good water based lube and it gives mind blowing orgasms everytime, not to noisy.

  13. Marcus

    My god, bought a beautiful Venti in reefs water (gorgeous colour) this is definitely a different feel to the offbeat with the bubbles popping over him, definitely the noisiest of the 2 so a bit more discretion needed but once again orgasms to blow your mind!

  14. Lee

    I purchased this from a fetish market stall and wasn’t expecting anything too good but my wife liked the idea of it.

    Its a totally different feeling to anything else! Slow strokes with it feel amazing, the sound it makes adds to the excitement. It just feels fantastic! Really pleased we purchased this!

  15. evhuman

    Great little toy! Well poured and packaged, arrived extremely quickly, and exactly as described.

  16. ststicat

    Feels fantastic and I don’t even have a penis! The silicone is soft and stretchy just the way you want, and the wave is a promising shade of interesting. Might even come back for the tall version.

  17. Grorgia

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Very well made and can’t wait to use it with him. Really well packaged, kept the item safe. It was also very discreet as well, which was good as the parcel ended up getting left with a neighbor.
    Very happy overall.

  18. L

    This is officially one of my favorite toys in our collection now. It fits wells, the color is great, and oh, boy, does it make you drool. Customer service was also excellent! It got here in a couple days once it shipped.

  19. Louis

    First toy I ever bought and I didn’t like it at all…I used plenty of water based lube but besides being tight I really couldn’t feel anything…even on my head…just left me a little sore the next day after using it for only a few minutes. Really disappointed after all the great reviews

    • Molly Moore (verified owner)

      We are sad to hear this toy didn’t work for your body.

  20. Craig murfitt

    So the market has always been lacking in regards to sex toys for guys, Mrs palm and her five daughters can only offer So much before it gets very samely!
    I have been down the route of using the well known lady pocket that has been stuffed inside a plastic torch. I always found that toys like that created a sense of loneliness and desperation so rather than continuing to use my self pity tears as lubricant and giving my best moves to a naughty illumination device, I asked for the Offbeat for my birthday!

    Honestly if you are looking at this item and reading these reviews wondering if you should buy it, stop what you are doing, add to basket, go to check out and wait for the delivery guy. welcome to 2022s form of isolation which involves lube and a massive forearm rather than ibuprofen and lemsip.

  21. Moosecache

    A mixed bag, unfortunately.

    My first purchase was a Grande Bubble. And that has been a very fun addition to my toybox, incredibly easy to clean and keep ahold of thanks to the contoured outside, even when hands get slippy.

    Off of this, I bought a Venti Waves from the inventory drop. The most charitable way I could describe it, would be “great for giving a sadomasochistic handjob”.

    I don’t know if it’s the waves texture or the tightness of the Venti (I seem to recall there being an hole diameter option when purchasing the Grande, and got the 3.5cm, no such customisation option seems to exist today and they all appear to be 3cm) but after a couple of tries I’ve given up on using it, incase it leaves more permanent marks.

    It’s somewhat put me off trying the other textures if the diameter is the issue :/

  22. Artful Bodger (verified owner)

    I got a venti with bumps, seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Compact, simple. It arrived quickly in very decreet packing, looks and feels like a really good quality product.

    I’ve given it a go a couple of times now, but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me even with copious amounts of lube. I’m average regarding girth, and it’s much too tight to be able to actually slide it up and down without feeling like it’ll snap my banjo string. If the silicone was softer/stretchier or the hole a little larger I feel like it’d be literally perfect.

  23. Joseph Waldman (verified owner)

    Purchased the venti (4″) waves and oh my God… if feels to freaking good.
    My wife and I have tried other toys like this, some very famous, and this far surpasses them all in both incredible feeling for me, and enjoyment for my wife using it. She enjoys the reaction she gets and it’s much more comfortable in her hand than other manufacturers.
    I couldn’t recommend the venti waves more, GET IT.

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