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Did you know that you can spice up your oral sex? Seems far fetched considering oral sex is pretty amazing as it is but this Oral Sex Set has been put together solely with your oral sex life in mind.

This set contains

  • One 60ml/2 fl. oz bottle of Wicked Lube (Salted Caramel or Sweet Peach)
  • One Grande OffBeat
  • One Plug-B Small
  • One RO-80 Bullet Vibe

Wicked Lube

We have never managed to find a flavoured lube that we like, until now.

This vegan water based lube has a light and silky texture. It it easy to wash off with water and will not stain your sheets. As it is water based it is safe for with both latex and silicone and despite the beautiful sweet taste of this lube it is completely sugar free and so is completely safe for vaginal use as well as anal and oral sex.

This flavoured lube is ideal for use during oral sex as it adds a delicious sweet flavour to everything. Select in the drop down which flavour you would like to get in your package.


Created from a love of wanking, OffBeat was designed to make using a sex toy more natural while keeping the enhanced sensations that your penis loves. We wanted to design something that was easy to use and clean, something that you could just throw in to a drawer or even a bag if you are off on your travels.

Whether you like to wank with two fingers or a whole hand we wanted it to feel as natural as possible against your skin and in your grip so the hourglass shape mimics the way your fingers fall together when masturbating.

The OffBeat Grande is designed to give lots of stimulation to the head of the penis with short strokes and twists and turns (Length 5cm.) Combined with the Wicked Lube it makes for an ideal addition to oral sex as you can use it to stimulate the shaft of the penis whilst you pay attention to the head of the penis with your mouth. Together they combine to make a great blowjob toy.

You can also use the OffBeat on your vulva. Try turning it inside out and placing it on your fingers and using the soft bumpy texture as a clitoral simulator.


Everything about the Plug-B has been designed to make your anal experience an enjoyable one. It has a perfectly rounded tip to make it easier to insert. The tip gradually widens the more you insert until you get to the widest point and then it tapers back into stem of the plug which is attached to the T base. For those who are new to anal play always take your time and use plenty of lube.

The Plug B T shaped base has been sculpted to complement the shape of your body and sit comfortably between your bum cheeks. The base is also wider than the body of butt plug to ensue that the Plug-B can not disappear into your bum. This makes it ideal for wearing either as you give or receive oral sex.

RO-80 Bullet Vibe 

The Rocks-Off RO-80 has 7 different vibrating functions that you can easily cycle through by just pushing the button on the top. (battery included)

It is an ideal little bullet vibrator to add that extra bit of buzz to your oral sex. You can use it to stimulate the clitoris whilst you use your mouth on the other parts of your partners vulva or use it on the head or shaft of your partners penis. You can also hold it alongside the OffBeat so that the vibrations travel through the silicone and stimulate the penis.

Additional information

Wicked Lube Flavours

Salted Caramel, Sweet Peach


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