The Beginners Anal Starter Pack

Anal sex is AMAZING if you do it right and our Peg has been designed for an enjoyable first time anal experience. The Peg is perfect for harness play and to be played with by hand, but it’s not going to stay in. So, we have the Plug-B a ‘T’ based beginners butt plug that will stay in place allowing you to have some hands free anal fun.

The anal starter pack is available in a range of exciting and vibrant pearlescent colours: red, blue, purple, bolt gun grey, silver and gold; to coordinate with your mood, your clothes or your interior design. Why not have one in each colour for every occasion.

Uses: All packs come with one Peg + one small Plug-B in your chosen colour and designed especially for the anal-curious to explore new pleasures. Small, safe and sensual to start slowly on your journey to anal heaven.

Measurements: The Peg is 5 inches in length and 0.78 inches in circumference. Small Plug-B is 2.7inch in length, 1inch in diameter at its widest point. We use a firm silicone (density shore 40A) so the dildo is easy to use anally, soft silicone is difficult to insert and use in a thrusting motion without it bending.


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