The Peg Pastel Collection comes in 1 of 6 different pastel colours

Paris Green – Light almost peppermint green, refreshing and not something you see often in a sex toy.
Electric Lavender – Image the deep purple of lavender left out to dry in the summer sun.
Princess Perfume – Like a baby pink but for the bigger girl, the little princess need to feel good.
Peach Puff – Fluffy, light, delightfully fruity
Mellow Yellow – It’s yellow but mellow
Blue Lagoon – The crisp, refreshing waters of the blue lagoon

Shaped like a small finger, The Peg was designed for enjoyable first time anal experiences every time. Anal penetration should ALWAYS first start small and slowly to allow your body accept and enjoy they new and enjoyable sensation.

The Peg was shaped like a long finger, the circumference (0.78inches) and length (5inches) are the perfect side for anyone to enjoy.

NOTE your first anal experience will me more of a mental one so the size is almost irrelevant. USE LOTS OF LUBRICANT.

The Peg has a rounded tip for ease/comfort when inserting and is made of a firm silicone to ensure that the sometimes tricky bit of inserting any anal dildo. Halfway down the shaft are 6 ridged, these ridged are to give more stimulation to the receiver during their experience. Slow thrust of The Peg will give the receiver sensation of being penetrated and the ridges will further enhance that sensation.

The Peg also comes in one of 11 vibrant colours Pink, Purple, Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red or Black

Black is a great choice if you are worried about seeing any bits of poo. If anal is done slowly and correctly with lots of lubricant you will not have this problem.

NOTE FOR FIRST TIMERS – When you insert the Peg for the very first time, go slowly and use lot of lubricant. Once the tip is inserted your body will feel weird and even want to pull the Peg into your bum quickly. Don’t worry this is perfectly normal, it’s not going to get sucked all the way in, the base is there to stop this happening.

The Peg beginner anal dildo is come’s in one size and a firm density (shore 40A) we use a firm silicone so the dildo is easy to use anally, soft silicone is difficult to insert and use in a thrusting motion without it bending.

5 inches in length
0.78 inches in circumference

Made in the UK completely by hand and using only the very best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved colour pigments. Silicone is non-porous meaning your toy will not harbor bacteria if cleaned correctly and does not contain carcinogens or toxins. We care about what you put in your body.

Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no markings making it very very desecrate. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the costumes declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’

Cleaning your silicone sex toy is very simple, you can use a toy cleaner, boiling water, boiling water + 10% bleach mix, even throw it in the dishwasher (without the detergent) dishes are optional.


Additional information

Weight 84 g

Blue Lagoon, Electric Lavender, Mellow Yellow, Paris Green, Peach Puff, Princess Perfume


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