Looking for your first beginners anal butt plug and don’t know where to start?

Then let me introduce you to Plug-B, our handmade, silicone, body safe beginners butt plug, the perfect place to start your anal adventures.

Everything about the Plug-B has been designed to make your first anal experience an enjoyable one. The right size, shape and materials have been used to ease you comfortably into your first anal experience.

The Plug-B is a small (but highly pleasurable) size, with a length of 2.7 inches and an insertable length of 2.1 inches in length. The insertable length is what will actually go inside your bum. At its widest point (around the middle of the plug) it is only 1 inch.

PLug-B Large is 3.7inch in length and 1.5inch in diameter at its widest point, a bit more filling.

Rounded tip
The tip of the Plug-B is rounded for your comfort when inserting. The rounded tip then gradually gets wider the more you insert up until you reach its maximum size (1 inch) then it tapers back into a ‘T’ base.

NOTE FOR FIRST TIMERS – When you insert the plug for the very first time, go slowly and use lots of lubricants. Once you reach the widest pint of the plug your body will want to pull the Plug-B into your bum quickly. Don’t worry this is perfectly normal, it’s not going to get sucked all the way in, the base is there to stop this happening.

The ‘T’ base has been sculpted to sit comfortably between your bum cheeks, complementing the shape of your body. A rounded base is NOT as comfortable (our personal experiences) that’s why we made the ‘T’ base. The base is also there to ensure the Plug-B does not disappear into your bum, the base is wider than the butt plug its self your not going to lose the Plug-B.

Made using only the very best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved colour pigments. Silicone is non-porous meaning your toy will not harbor bacteria if cleaned correctly and does not contain carcinogens or toxins like jelly and rubber toys.

Cleaning your butt plug is also very simple, you can use a toy cleaner, boiling water, boiling water + 10% bleach mix, even throw it in the dishwasher (without the detergent) dishes are optional.

Buying your first anal plug or any sex toy can be daunting, we are here to help and make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Plug-B comes in 8 different colours Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red or Black.

Additional information

Weight 38 g


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