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Let me introduce you to the Plug-B; Our first ever anal butt plug.

Everything about the Plug-B has been designed to make your anal experience an enjoyable one. It comes in two different sizes (see below for measurements) both with a perfectly rounded tip to make it easier to insert. The tip gradually widens the more you insert until you get to the widest point and then it tapers back into the stem of the plug which is attached to the T base. For those who are new to anal play always take your time and use plenty of lube.

The Effulgence Collection

The word Effulgence means giving off blinding, radiant rays of light or brightness took to the extreme. You may be dazzled, stunned, or even overcome by it its brilliance! Which is hopefully how you will feel about a Plug B from this colour range.

The effulgence range of Plug B is hand-sculpted, hand-poured, glittery dildos for you to love and adore. Packed with just the right amount of sparkle for the most opulent and light-reflective finish possible.

Using meticulously sourced glitters of the highest quality which are visually vibrant and reflective, while being as body-safe as glitter can possibly be. Smooth to the touch and a pleasure to use, delivering an extra dimension to your sensual pleasure.

If you need help picking your ideal colours then check out our handy ‘Help Picking Colours’ page to see every single colour that we do.


The blood-red is a darker blacker red a bit like blood and the fire red is a more vibrant red with a slightly bigger bit of glitter than the red.

The rainbow colour is more silver in appearance which reflects different colours from the tiny glitter.

Iridescent is a snowy silvery opal look

Smokey Black is a coal dusty black with hints of blue and green depending on the light.


The Plug-B comes in two different sizes

SMALL – From base to tip it is 7cms. The insertable length is 6cms. At its widest point (around the middle of the plug) it is 9cm circumference
LARGE – From base to tip it is 10cms. The insertable length is 7.5cms. At its widest point (around the middle of the plug) it is 12.5cm circumference.


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone, making them non-porous, body-safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. All our silicone sex toys come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information about the materials we use to make our products our packaging, delivery and cleaning your toys please visit our FAQ page. The butt plugs are made from the shore 0040 platinum silicone, which means that they are firm and just perfect for the anal play.


Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no Logo. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the customs declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’


The Plug B T shaped base has been sculpted to complement the shape of your body and sit comfortably between your bum cheeks. The base is also wider than the body of the butt plug to ensure that the Plug-B can not disappear into your bum.

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 7 cm
Plug-B Sizes

Large, Small

Effulgence Colours

Autumn Forest, Grasshopper, Tickled Pink, Unicorn Blood, Violet Dusk, Whiskey Kisses, Glitter Red, Glitter Blood Red, Glitter Black Cherry, Glitter Blue, Glitter Dark Gold, Glitter Dusty Pink, Glitter Emerald, Glitter Iridescent, Glitter Lilac, Glitter Magenta, Glitter Neon Pink, Glitter Peachy Pink, Glitter Rainbow, Glitter Sapphire, Glitter Smokey Black

1 review for Plug B Effulgence Collection

  1. Calie

    I purchased the small, blood red version of this butt plug from Godemiche’s stall at LAM quite a while ago now. I mainly bought it because of how pretty it is. I don’t do a lot of anal play and haven’t used it much until recently. Despite being left in my toy box (and not exactly looked after), the silicone is still in perfect condition and looking as good as when I bought it.

    This plug is very small but the T bar design base is long enough to not have to worry about the plug ending up lost inside you. The small size of the body as well as the firmness of the silicone makes it nice and easy to insert (with a generous dollop of lube, of course).

    I really enjoy wearing this plug; it is the most comfortable plug I have tried and by far the coolest looking. Mine looks like a storm of red glitter, with each tiny movement making the light catch another bit of sparkle. Even when wearing, it looks sparkly and so much different from what else is available on the market. I genuinely find myself almost mesmerised by the variety of patterns that can be made on these small bits of silicone, so if glitter isn’t really your thing, there are so many other options, you’ll definitely find your thing.

    This butt plug is high quality, low price, comfortable, unique, and available in a crazy number of colours and colour combinations…… sod jewel butt plugs, it’s Godemiche’s Plug B all the way for me!

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