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If you’re the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but want more clitoral stimulation that’s silent and will never need recharging or require batteries? Yes, well then you’re going to love the grind ring!

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Meet the Grind Ring…. If you’re the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but wants more clitoral stimulation that is silent, will never need recharging or require batteries? Then you’re going to love the grind ring!

What is the grind ring?

The grind ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding against. Dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable than a pizza slice too. The bulge is covered with a texture surface to give you something to grind your clit against. There are a number of different textures for you to choose from depending on the type of stimulation you prefer. See below for more details on the various options.

The grind ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

How do you use the Grind Ring?

The way you use the grind ring is by placing a dildo or penis through the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from and up the front of your body. When using a strap-on harness while laying flat, slip the grind ring over your dildo to rest on the outside of your harness. If you’re using a penis, then you can either slide the penis through the hole or stretch the hole a little and scoop the testicles (balls) with the penis though a bit like a cock ring. (It is not tight enough to act like a proper cock ring though. Putting the balls through the hole just allows it to stay in place a bit more securely)

When the grind ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clitoris against the soft textured mound of the Grind Ring.

The raised mound brings the texture closer to the clitoris ensuring you have control over how much or how little stimulation you receive depending on how hard you grind down and when.

Who is the Grind Ring for?

Anyone with a clitoris.

The Grind Ring is for anyone with a clitoris who likes clitoral stimulation during penetration or enjoys grinding/rubbing their clitoris against a texture.

You can use it over a strap on dildo or over a penis or even over a dildo during solo play.

However you decide to use it we would love to hear from you. So please do leave a review on this product to help other determine if this item is for them or not.


Bumps – “Not too intense, unless I really grind deep down on it”

A simple texture that offers a light to medium amount of stimulation as you grind. Although the bumps are small the sensations the sensations are not.

Bubbles – “My clit feels like it’s being banged in a hard fuck as it bounces over the bubbles”

Despite the bubble texture being large the stimulation is lighter, smoother, and almost bouncy as your body slides across it.

Waves – “This is texture I feel the most, I almost want to grind on it more”

Waves are our most intense texture. As your body grinds backwards and forwards over each of the waves you get an almost continuous rubbing sensation.

It really is that simple and with a selection of textures there’s something pleasurable or even slightly sinister for every clitoris.




The product is currently available in single colours only. If you are not sure which colour is which then check out our colour picker page to help you find the perfect colour for you. The Grind Ring is not available in glitter (Effulgence) colours or glow in the dark.

Additional information

Grind Ring Texture

Bubbles, Bumps, Pyramid Spikes, Spikes, Waves

Primary Colour

Aquamarine, Blue Me Away, Butterscotch Drizzle, Clear, Cotton Candy, Daffodil Days, Dragons Breath, Drowning Love, Elsa's Dream, Fire On Mars, Forest Nymph, Frose, Garden Party, Hellow Yellow, Kiss In The Rain, Lemmon-I-See, Lilac Mist, Make Me Blush, Minty Mermaide, Not Quite White, Nude Beach, One Leg Flamingo, Orange Drizzle, Pastel Pearlescent Black, Pastel Pearlescent Blue, Pastel Pearlescent Green, Pastel Pearlescent Orange, Pastel Pearlescent Pink, Pastel Pearlescent Purple, Pastel Pearlescent Yellow, Peach Blossom, Pistachio, Reefs Water, Ruby Rose, Rusty Handcuffs, Rusty Heart, Sin-A-Min, Sky is Falling, Squeeze My Kiwi, Stargazer, Sundaze, Sunset Orange, Watermelon Kiss, Winter Berry, Witches Brew, Black, Black Pearlescent, Blue Lagoon, Blue Pearlescent, Blue UV, Boltgun Grey, Bronze Pearlescent, Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, Coffee, Copper Pearlescent, Dark Green, Electric Lavender, Gold Pearlescent, Green Pearlescent, Green UV, Magenta UV, Mellow Yellow, Navy Blue, Orange UV, Paris Green, Peach Puff, Pearl, Pink UV, Princess Perfume, Purple Pearlescent, Purple UV, Red, Red Pearlescent, Red UV, Rose Gold, Scarlet Pearlescent, White, Yellow, Yellow Pearlescent, Yellow UV

3 reviews for Grind Ring

  1. Chloe Meyer

    Had the incredible delight of trying both the waves and spikes grind rings and cannot say enough good about both of them.

    TLDR: For soft, teasing pleasure- go waves. For decadent caressing and gentle intensity- go spikes. Regardless, you can’t go wrong.

    I love the variety sex toys bring to my sex life, but some of them mean a lot of extra steps or thoughtful planning for use, but the Grind ring just needs to be put on and it’s business as usual- except not, because holy shit is it not usual. I can’t come from penetration alone, and it can be really frustrating for me because I often want to. I can be stimulated to a level that’s pleasurable enough to find it to be a tease in a way that builds and taunts. When we added the Grind ring the first time, I felt a heady rush of satisfaction at feeling what I wanted to feel- direct stimulation against my clit and vulva- while also having his (and my) hands free to touch wherever else we wished.

    I like to have my cake and eat it too, and the Grind Ring gives me that ability in a way I’ve not found with other toys.

  2. EntwinedStar

    We tried the grind ring and found it was amazing for clitoral stimulation. I absolutely loved the texture which I initially thought looked quite intimidating. We have the pyramid texture and it’s both fun and intimate. Vibrators can often feel intense or get in the way when on top. This is great for something different and to spice up our sex life with more fun toys.
    I can highly recommend as the quality is excellent and it’s very different/unique to other toys on the market. Love it!

  3. Calie Rain

    I have the bumps and the waves grind rings and I just know that I am going to end up with the full set at some point, because they really are amazing. I’ve had incredible orgasms with both of them. I love that they are so simple, yet so effective.

    Although they are brilliant to use with a partner for PiV sex, I actually tend to use mine solo without any kind of penetration. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating by grinding against something like a pillow and so now I simply pop the grind ring between me and whatever I am grinding against (I have found the Liberator Bon Bon toy mount works well) and I get not only added stimulation from the texture but also some added resistance from the silicone, which despite being very soft is still much firmer than a pillow. which also increases the stimulation.

    The bumps texture is the most subtle sensation that Godemiche do but don’t let that fool you, it can definitely still be felt. It can take a few motions for me to really start to feel it but once I get going it feels great. I find the spacing between the bumps allows for more variation in my hip movement. Although I do find a back and forth motion works best, circling my hips also feels pretty good. The only potential downside is that you do need a reasonable amount of motion in your hips to feel the texture. If you tend to do very small movements, you might want a grind ring with a closer texture. However it is perfect if you like less intense stimulation or you want a longer session.

    The wave texture is more intense and easier to feel straight away. It definitely works best with a back and forth motion. Longer or shorter motions work equally well and the closeness of the waves mean that every sweet spot on the vulva is being stroked at once.

    The grind rings pair really well with other toys if you want even more stimulation. As well as dildos, I have found love eggs and vibrating butt plugs can be a lot of fun when combined with using a grind ring. I found the wave texture works quite well during impact play, with the impact causing enough movement to cause some teasing stimulation.

    Everything has really been well thought out for what appears to be such a simple idea. From the ring allowing you to secure it to a toy or a partner, to the silicone being soft so it is bends and is comfortable to use whilst still being firm enough to feel, to the textures being raised and shaped as to get maximum contact with both the clitoris and the rest of the vulva, to the fact they still come in Godemiche’s awesome colours. Also, I do like that the silicone is soft enough that I can pour some lube on the grind ring and squish it together to spread the lube around so no lubey hands to start!

    I really can’t find fault with these. If you enjoy grinding or are looking for a different way to add some clitoral stimulation into PiV sex, buy one!

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