Soy Wax Play Candles


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One of the things we try very hard to do here at Godemiche is to cut down on wastage. The moulds that we use to create the dildos have a lifespan. Eventually, they pick up small faults and because the silicone is so smooth that easily get transferred to the dildos resulting in them being seconds. However, rather than just thrown those moulds away we wanted to find a use for them and so thought we would turn our hands to a bit of candle making.

Soy Wax Play Candles

Our candles are all made from a paraffin wax which burns at a much lower temperature than standard wax which means when it melted it is not burning hot making it the ideal wax for all your wax play games. Of course the closer you are to the skin when you drop the wax the hotter it will be but even then it will still not be so hot that it would leave a burn on the skin.

Alternately use them as an erotic candle to light your dinner party, sexy soiree, hen party or any other type of celebration that you are having.  They will burn for approximately 9 hours.


The cock candle comes in two different sizes; 6 inches or 8 inches in length.


Our penis candles come in a choice of Asphalt Grey, Candy Apple Red, Cobalt Blue, Evergreen, Goldfish Orange, Hollywood Taxi Pink, Turkish Blue, Black Tie, Space Plum Purple, Golden Showers and Purple Heart.

All our candles are coloured all the way through.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 22.2 × 15 × 8.8 cm
Candle Size

6 inch (15cm)

Candle Colours

Asphalt Grey, Candy Apple Red, Cobalt Blue, Evergreen, Golden Showers, Goldfish Orange, Hollywood Taxi Pink, Space Plum Purple, Turkish Blue, Black Tie, Purple Heart


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