Candles Wax Play Soy

Wax play is the art of creating a slight burning sensation in the skin with a droplet of molten wax

Soy wax burns at a lower temperature to standard candles and tea lights, making it safer and more pleasurable to use. Dripping from a height will be a little cooler than a drip from close contact, so warm up slowly as you get used to the sensation.

Adam penis candles are made of soy wax with a low melting point which is perfect for all your wax play games. But they are just as good as an erotic candle and will last for a magnificent 9 hours – if you can!

The colour choices are Red, Pink and Black and YES they are exactly the same as the dildos but wax, A suggestive 6 inches in length & 5.5 inches circumference for a life-like penis candle addition to your bedroom decoration, hen party, or celebration evening.

They make a great present for the man or woman who thinks they have everything!


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