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WTF – What The Flop!

When we started our journey making dildos, we inevitably made mistakes and we still do occasionally. These mistakes can be a stray air bubble, a fleck of incorrect colour etc. But these WTF items we do not send out as perfect, they get put in to the WTF box.

Currently we have a collection of ‘old style’ Adams, these are the Adam the part one of its evoulution, the finish is matte and there is no ‘G’ logo on the dildo. We stopped selling the Adam part one when we made the shiny, branded Adam, and these dildos have just been sat around since then.

Still the same silicone, 100% Body safe, Phthalate FREE and Hypoallergenic but juts not up to our high standards.

The items purchased in this section can’t be returned due to their ‘flop’ nature. If you want to know more about any of the items listed, please email us at


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