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After the Adam came the Ambit

Designed to curve into your body and find those perfect pleasure spots.  The curve in the Ambit combined with the slightly curved bulbous head makes it the perfect shape for both g-spot and prostate stimulation. The shaft is perfectly smooth and the tapered almost arrow-shaped tip makes for easy and comfortable insertion. The head of the Ambit is not flat but curved slightly to be like the soft tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensation.

The base is circular and flared making the Ambit strap on harness compatible, you will need a 1.5 inch or 40mm o-ring. The curve in the shaft of the Ambit means that it will stand horizontally when in a strap on harness making it much easier to use.

The Confused Rainbow

The Confused Rainbow silicone dildo is our interpretation of what a drunk rainbow who’s been caught out in the rain but isn’t sober enough to hold it together would look like. A swirling twirling mass of colour all jam packed into an Ambit dildo.

Every Confused Rainbow contains a mixture of yellow, pink, green, orange, purple and blue all marbled together to give each and every dildo a completely unique rainbow pattern of colours.

Be My Valentines

Sex toys that are full of heart was the inspiration for this ‘Be My Valentine’ dildo. The unique feature is the red hearts floating all the way down the translucent shaft. Our initial intention was to discontinue it shortly after Valentines Day but so many people kept asking for it that we decided to make it a standard product and since then it has become one of our biggest sellers.

The Pastel Confused Rainbow

To celebrate the coming of spring we have decided to combine 6 of our beautiful pastel colours into one amazing dildo so for a limited time only you don’t have to pick between the pink or the blue or the green or the lilac or the peach or the yellow because you can have them them all!

This is a limited edition item to our range and will only be available until the 21st April 2018!


The Ambit comes in one size.

The shaft Diameter – 10.5cm widening to 12.5cms at the base.
The shaft Length – 15cm long approx (not including the base)
The head diameter – 12.5cm (at the widest point)


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone, making them non-porous, body safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. All our silicone sex toys come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit out FAQ page.


Your item will be packaged in a plain brown box with no markings making. Your address will be the only thing on the front of the box. If shipped outside of Europe the customs declaration (we legally have to do this) will describe the package as ‘Novelty’


The Ambit comes with a standard flat base or you can specify a vibrating base (*which includes a Rock’s Off Bullet Vibe) or a suction cup base.

Additional information

Ambit Base

Standard Base, Suction Cup, Vibrating*


Confused Rainbow, Pastel Confused Rainbow, Red Love Hearts


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