Monika upskirt picture for Sinful Sunday

Skirt Up – Sinful Sunday

I meant to share this image a while ago, but things got busy and I put my photography a little bit to the side.

It was taken back when we went on the holiday to Poland.

While the kids where sleeping we took the opportunity and left them with two grandmas to keep them safe, while we slipped out for a walk.

The night was warm and barely anybody around. There is a beautiful place in my town with a the tiniest chapel on top of the hill and a huge forest to walk.

Well this time we didn’t want to pray or either walk much further than here.

It was perfectly peaceful, just random cars passing by from time to time while I put my skirt up to show him what he can taste later…


Skirt Up - Sinful Sunday



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Monika with hand over her nipple

Nipple Tease – Sinful Sunday

Nipple Tease

Recently I haven’t been taking any images.  I think the cold and grey English weather has stolen my inspiration and drive for sexy images.

So here is some oldish picture I took early morning and forgot I haven’t showed it yet.



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  1. attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.

“a show which should entice a new audience into the theatre”

This is my show for you,

to make your fantasies come true,

I used to say no but this time I want to entice you to my theatre.

Sit down and enjoy while I’ll make some pleasure to you…

Back view of monika wearing red lingerie reflected in  mirror


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Morning Pleasuring


Sometimes you have

to lose yourself

to discover who

you might yet be.

Sometimes what feels

like breaking down

is really just

breaking free.

-Cristen Rodgers-




As I am the first one awake in our house my daily routine is to take time to myself.

Sometimes it’s reading a book, sometimes just relaxing in a quiet house before everybody will get out of beds or taking sexy images for Sinful Sunday.

But sometimes I like to pleasure myself and feel the moment of my orgasmic freedom.


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His Touch – Sinful Sunday

Sliding two fingers inside herself,
She felt reminded of him,
In ways she had already felt.
Him behind her
Feeling her behind
While inside her;
Two fingers deep
A slim reminder
Of his deep reach
Deep inside her.
Meeting her body’s
Demands for a man,
In ways only a man’s
Helping hand can
Deliver her.

-Phoenixstar- ‘Hello Poetry’


Image of Monika in black and white

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Image of monika in a red light for Sinful Sunday

Worth – Sinful Sunday

You are worth

More than you

Will ever know

And I love you in

Ways your

Crumbling heart

Could never fathom.

Come to me in pieces

And exist inside me


-Christopher Poindexter




Image of Monika in the red light for Sinful Sunday

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Selfish – Sinful Sunday

7.30am on Saturday morning and I am hoping that everybody will be still asleep and won’t notice a girl walking in her bra and pants on the bridge…

That could pretty much be the short description of this image but… there’s something more.

Taking self-portraits has allowed me to be selfish in a good way.

Weekends are time to escape from a chaotic house full of kids demanding my attention and all the usual boring household things just to be my own boss and the star of my lens for a few precious hours.

I am discovering myself through my photography and I like that part of me. I feel that nothing will stop me now, I am greedy for new images, the ideas of new projects are constantly dancing in my head.

Sometimes the excitement is overwhelming. But I love that feeling! I love to be selfish.




















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Follow Your Heart – Sinful Sunday

Follow Your Heart


If you followed my photography journey on Instagram a while ago, you will know that I had few struggles whilst my course was on.

One of them was to find the perfect place to take photos in abandoned old textiles factory called Corah that I discovered.

The building was patrolled by a security guy and it was quite dangerous to be inside but I finally managed to do it with some much needed help from Adam.

I think this poem capture what I want to say.


Magic happens when

you do not give up,

even though you

want to.

The universe always

falls in love with a

stubborn heart.

Magic Place - Corah Leicester


















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Au Naturel – Boobday


Au Naturel

I am naked,

                not unclothed

                                     but exposed…

        You undress me,

                not my skin

                                    but my soul.


Night Au Naturel - Boobday


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