Are Sex Toys Safe

Are sex toys safe?

At first glance asking if sex toys are safe seems a bit like a silly question but actually when you examine it a bit more it is actually a really good question with a longer answer than just yes or no. In fact the answer is probably more along the lines of probably or maybe […]

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The Effulgent Dildo Range

Are you ready for the sparkliest sex toys ever? Say hello to the Effulgence Ambit We know you loved the glittery goodness that was the Gleam, a beauty of a collaboration between Godemiche and Yummy Gummy latex, so we’ve created a whole range of sparkly dildos. Meet the Effulgence Ambit. Effullgence, pronounced E-Full-Gent, means shining […]

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Ambit – A dildo designed for G-spot and Prostate pleasure

We would like to welcome you all to Ambit, our new smaller curved dildo for G-spot and prostate pleasure. We have created the ambit to try and counter some of the problems found with other G-spot and prostate toys, while also using our knowledge and injecting fun to the finished toy. Starting with the base, […]

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