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Nipple play: Make your nipples the centre of attention

Nipple play should be way more than just a lick or a pinch here and there but something that can be a whole area of exploration and joy in it’s own right. Nipples are one of those areas of the body that everyone has. A bit like bums, nipples are universal regardless of your gender […]

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Second Skin Sinful Sunday post wax play

Second Skin – Sinful Sunday

Being in the sex industry doesn’t mean that we as a couple have tried everything when it comes to sex. We might make dildos but not every field in the bedroom has been tried yet. So when Adam and I decided to introduce our new range of penis candles I wasn’t sure what to expect. […]

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Hot Waxy Play Guide To BDSM Candle Wax Play Godemiche

Wax Play – Let’s get hot!

Today we are going to be talking about wax play! If this is your first time here welcome to Godemiche. Here we create, sculpt, mould and make all of our own sex toy. Toys we want to use, toys we want to use as a couple, toys made for the purpose of pleasure. We also […]

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