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The D’Naught

The D’Naught is a silicone cock ring designed to trap blood in to the penis for stronger and longer erections.

The cock ring is worn around the base of the penis and for a snugger fit we recommend putting testicles through the ring also.

The D’Naught is handmade and the back is slightly flat.


D’Naught Styles

Round Thin & Thick –  This is your traditional cock ring, round in shape and designed to go over the penis and around the balls. The round D’Naught offers an equal amount of restriction around your genitals.

Teardrop – The Teardrop D’Naught was designed to be more ergonomic and better fit around the penis and balls. The Teardrop shape is more comfortable to wear but offers a little less restriction.


Round Thin D’Naught

Centre hole diameter – 3.3cm

Outer diameter – 6.5cm

Ring thickness – 16cm


Round Thick D’Naught

Centre hole diameter – 4.3cm

Outer diameter – 8cm

Ring thickness – 20cm


Teardrop D’Naught

Centre hole diameter – cm

Outer diameter – cm

Ring thickness – cm

The D’Naught is a flexible silicone and will stretch most sizes.


Colour Style

Your toy will be hand-poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have several different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me – We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

– Single Colour – A single solid colour throughout.

– 2 Colours – Two colours poured together.

– D’Naught Special – This is the desert doughnut special coloured sprinkles, white iceing and a brown donut base.



All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone (0030 For the D’Naught) making them body safe, hypo-allergenic, and very durable. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.

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