Interactive Colour Picker

We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect colours for your new Godemiche.

To help you find those perfect colours we have created an interactive picture list of all the colours.

How to use the interactive picture list?

You can see all the colours you like by clicking on one or more of the subheadings below.

For example, if you like Pink and Blue, simply select Pink and Blue and the colour wall will only show you colours that have Pink or Blue in them.  

Godemiche Colour Swatch Gif

Finding your perfect colour

Once you have selected the colour or colours you like simply scroll through the colour swatches to find the ones you like.

Each colour swatch has the name of that colour on it, so make a note and then select those colours from the drop-down menu when placing your order.

Pick Your Perfect Godemiche Colours

Colours in the Dark

Some Godemiche colours will glow in the dark and become even more vibrant when under a black light making these colours come alive when it’s dark so we have included them in a separate picture gallery.

Custom colours

If you have a specific colour in mind and would like your Godemiche to match, then send us an email.

When emailing please attach a picture of the colour you would like creating and we will be in contact.