We have been asked many questions about our products. We have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Corona Virus Update on Orders.

We are still open for business and making our beautiful silicone toys for you. However because of the situation with the Corona Virus only one of us can go to the workshop at a time which means that it is taking slightly longer for us to make your orders. Where we usually say that all order take 7 days to make we are now having to revise that to 10+ days.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to any country where selling sex toys is legal

Is the packaging discreet?

Our packaging is pretty boring really.

For all our dildos we use a plain brown box and a clear tape. The smaller items like butt plugs and pegs are packed in a white bubble envelope. The return address you can see our trading name ABMM LTD , so there is no Godemiche name on the box.

We highly value our customers confidentiality.

But all of that you can see on our short clip just below.

Can you get completely clear silicone?

Yes, silicone that is water clear is more expensive and is regarded as pure silicone since it has less filler. The filler although perfectly safe will cause the silicone to have a milky haze. Water clear silicone enquires should be emailed to [email protected]

Do you use medical grade silicone?

Our silicone is not certified as ‘medical grade’ but is FDA approved


What is the difference between FDA and medical grade silicone?

Very little, a FDA silicone is checked twice during its manufacture, beginning and end. A medical grade silicone is repeatedly checked throughout the manufacturing process, the increase in checks is mainly where the higher cost derives from.

What is platinum cure silicone?

Platinum cure silicone, this is made up of a base liquid silicone that requires the introduction of a catalyst to cure. The catalyst is a carrier liquid (active silicone oil) with platinum. The curing of a platinum silicone is accelerated by heat.

Where do I buy silicone?

If you really want to try your hand at silicone work then we recommend taking a look at Smooth On Silicone, they are how we started and you can buy in very small quantities. If you live in the UK then check out Bentley Advance Materials.

What shore silicone do you use?

We use silicone that range between shore 50 00 (our softest) to a shore 40 A (our firmest).

What is silicone shore?

The shore scale is how the industry identifies different firmnesses of silicone. The shore scale has three brackets starting with the softest ending in the firmest, 00, A and D. Each bracket is then allocated numbers, the lower the number the softer the silicone in that bracket. 10 00 is as soft as a haribo gummy bear but a 80 D would be as hard as a safety helmet. It’s worth noting that the silicone shore scale does differ slightly between some countries.

What is a silicone blender?

A silicone blender is an individual or organisation that takes different silicones and blends them together to change the characteristics of each silicone. Adding silicone oil is the most common thing a silicone blender will do and this is to soften a silicone.

What silicone do you use?

We use a platinum cure silicone that is FDA approved. The silicone is manufactured in Germany. We buy directly from the manufacturer not from a silicone blender.

How do I store my dildo?

You Godemiche toy arrives in a durable, resealable, reusable foil pouch that can be used for storage. Other suitable storage suggestions are below:

  • Toolbox – small or large to suit your collection size.
  • JoyBox
  • Storage bag
  • Satin drawstring pouches
  • Storage pillows


Silicone toys should NOT be stored with jelly, rubber and Siliskin. Storing silicone with toys made in those materials will likely damage both of your toys.

Will a silicone lube damage my toy?

Maybe, the truth is we are not 100% sure that ALL silicone lube will not damage a GODEMICHE toy.


There are silicone lubricants that we have tried and tested on our toys with no damaging effects, those lubricants are listed below.

  • Give Lube Silicone+
  • Uber Lube
  • Spunk
  • ID Millennium


If your favorite lubricant is not on our list then contact us, we would be happy for you to test the lubricant and if damage does occur, to replace the GODEMICHE toy, free of charge, once we are satisfied the product is damaged and we know what lubricant caused it.


As of September 2017 we have not found a silicone lubricant or heard of one used that has damaged a GODEMICHE silicone toy.

What lube can I use on my toys?

We recommend a high quality lubricant of your choosing, either water or silicone based.

Personally we use Spunk lube and wicked lube, which we highly recommend.

How do I clean my ball gag?

Once removed from the leather strap you can clean the silicone ball in the same ways you can clean a GODEMICHE silicone toy, see ‘How do i clean my dildo/butt plug?’.


To remove the ball gag unclip one of the two press studs found either side of the ball. Once unclipped you can carefully slide the silicone ball off the rubber strap.

The replace the silicone ball push the unclipped section of the rubber strap through the center of the ball. Use your finger to poke the press studs though the ball. The silicone will stretch to allow the strap to sass though. When thorough reattach the pop studs to the D ring on the leather strap.

How do I clean my dildo/butt plug?

All of our silicone toys are made with a platinum silicone so cleaning is very easy. Below are our three highly recommended ways of cleaning our silicone toys.

  • Warm soap and water.
  • Dishwasher- hot water cycle (NO washing tablet!)*
  • Boiling water (generally 3 to 5 minutes)*


Below are other methods of cleaning your toy that are also safe for silicone, but we do not use personally due to the chemicals and it then being used on and in the body.

  • Toy cleaner
  • 10% bleach solution
  • Rubbing alcohol


* Any non pigmented silicone (clear toys) Effulgence, valentines collection (as of September 2017) we do not recommend very high temperatures such as boiling and dishwasher. The extreme heat will not damage the toy but it can cause the platinum inside to turn the clear silicone yellow.

Do you ship to Saudi Arabia or any Arab Countries?

No, we don’t.

We do not deliver our items to Middle East and North Africa.

Sex toys in this part of the world are illegal.

Can I upgrade the delivery service to tracked & signed?

All our orders are now shipped through DHL and you will get tracking details when you get your order. We have a handy video that should answer all of your questions.


Can you deliver to my neighbour?

Yes, we can.

If your home address is an issue to deliver your order, there is nothing wrong to put your neighbour/friend or local shop address as a delivery place. Just please put a note with a description eg. Leave the parcel with my neighbour or Leave the parcel at my local shop with Jane. Just make sure to let them know that you are expecting a parcel.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, you can.

When you’ve made an order and quickly realised that it’s going to be deliver to your parents house and you really want to avoid the awkward situation. Send us an email [email protected] with the right address and the order number and we will make a note on it.

Please be aware that if the item was already dispatched from our workshop we can’t change your address anymore.

How long does it take to deliver my item?

3-5 days in UK.  Approximately 1 week for the EU and 2-3 weeks for the US. Shipping times for the rest of the world will vary with their distance from the UK

Depending on where you are in the world the delivery time may vary.

  • UK 2nd Sign by Royal Mail – 3-5 days
  • UK 1st Sign by royal Mail -1-2 days
  • US Standard International by Royal Mail – 2-3 weeks
  • US Tracked & Signed Service by Royal Mail – 1-2 weeks

We can calculate different/faster delivery service specifically for your order, please email us [email protected] for more details.

Can I buy GODEMICHE toys at a Fetish Market?

Yes. We personally attend London Alternative Market (LAM) on the first Sunday of every month. We also attend the LAMchester in Manchester on the fourth Sunday of every month, we’re trying to be there everytimebut sometimes there might be some absence due to the family things.

We are aware of other traders who stock and sell GODEMICHE toys at sex positive events but are unable to supply event details of their frequency.

Can I buy GODEMICHE toys in a shop?

Yes you can. We supply GODEMICHE toys to many other retailers, some of whom have shops where our products can be seen and purchased. The whole list is just here:

How long does it take to make a toy?

We try to make all the toys within 7 days of receiving your order but as everything we make is by hand sometimes it takes a bit longer than that especially during busy times like our annual sale, promotions and Christmas.
* Christmas delivery dates are always advertisied on our blog every year.

The toy I would like is out of stock. What does that mean?

If we have delays in restocking a colour pigment or style of silicone then we will place the item or colour as out of stock. The item or colour will not be available until we have replenished the stock or solved the problem.


Other reason for an out of stock item could be:

  • A limited run of special colours or styles
  • A one off colour mix.
  • A one off, What The Flop(WTF). Mistakes happen when making items, once the WTF has gone its gone.
The toy I would like is on backorder. What does it mean?

Backordered toys are items that are made to order. We do not have every toy in every colour premade. Allowing the toy to be purchased as a backorder means that we are notified and the item is then made for that order.

Backorder toys generally take 3 to 7 days to make.