What toy?


G-Spot, Squirting & Prostate

If you are looking for a curved silicone dildo designed for G-spot and/or Prostate stimulation then the Ambit should be your first choice.

Want to squirt or try to squirt? Then the Ambit is also recommended. Made with a medium/soft silicone, the Ambit has enough strength to apply pressure to the G-Spot to help with squirting


Semi Realistic, Full & Stretched

If your looking for a semi realistic silicone dildo that will give you a stretched and full feeling then the Adam 6 & 8 inch is the toy for you. 

The thick, smooth shaft heightens your orgasm as your body contracts squeezing this girthy toy. The semi realistic head, inspired by real genitals, has texture and a large head that lightly rubs the G-spot and Prostate giving you extra stimulation.


Realistic, Textured & Fantasy

If your looking for a fling with a hero and crave texture then Hercules is the one for you. Coming in a choice of 3 sizes, Hercules is a realistic textured silicone dildo. Texture comes from the veins that run down and around the shaft of the toy. 

Designed with swinging balls for those that like the feel and sound of slapping balls.


Slender, Smooth Butt PLug

Want to buy your first butt plug? Then Plug-B small is the one for you. It is ideal for those who are new to anal and also for wearing for longer period of time. Small, silicone and shaped for comfort you really can’t go wrong with the Plug-B

The Plug B large is exactly the same as the small, just larger so if you are looking for something that bit more or want to step up in size from the small then the large is what you need. The ‘T’ base on both sizes is designed to sit comfortably between your butt cheeks making this a super comfortable butt plug you can wear for longer periods of time.


Anal Beads, Textured Butt Plug

Enjoy the feeling of anal beads and the sensation as they go in and out? Then the Apex is what you are looking for.

This textured anal toy also comes in two sizes so you can start small and go bigger when you are ready.


Pegging, Textured Anal Dildo & Finger like 

Interested in anal? Put a finger up your ass and enjoyed it? Want to Peg your partner? Then the Peg is definitely your go to dildo. 

This finger like toy is perfect for both beginner and more experienced anal fun. The Peg is a firm silicone toy with a little bit of texture near the base and can be used in a strap-on harness or manually.


Pegging, Smooth Anal Dildo & Finger like 

Just like The Peg above, the Apprentice was made for smooth pegging experiences. 

Shaped like a finger and using a firm silicone, the Apprentice is perfect for both beginner anal/pegging sex and those more experienced.

The Apprentice also works well as a thin finger like like dildo for those who like something on the smaller side


Masturbator, texture & Blow Job Toy

Want more sensation when you masturbate? Then the OffBeat is for you. 

Enjoy long sensual strokes, fast or slow and want something more than your hand? Then the OffBeat Grande is for you. Super easy to clean, super easy to use and lots of extra sensations from the silicone nipples that line the inside.

Enjoy stimulation around the head if your penis? Then the OffBeat Venti is for you. A shorter version the OffBeat Venti, is ideal for teasing and edge play as well as satisfying masturbation.


Thrusting, Twisting Texture

Board of just one texture? Then the dual texture Skrue is for you.

The beautifully smooth spiral design offers a traditional trusting texture allowing you to feel each of the bumps as it penetrates you or use a twisting turning like motion for a more subtle screwing sensation that will blow your mind.

Basically, the Skrue gives you two potential textured sensations in one beautiful dildo.


Non Thrusting Texture, Oral

Love texture but don’t always want a toy thrust deep inside you?

Then the XI is for you. Designed to be a textured toy you twist and not thrust. Vertical ribs/grooves run from the tip to the base giving sensations when the toy is twisted left and right. An octagon base makes holding and twisting the XI super easy even when your hands are slippery. 

The XI is a great oral sex toy also. You can insert the toy and twist while you lick for added sensations. 


Highly Textured, Thrusting & Bouncy 

Enjoy lots of texture and thrusting penetration?

Then the Absolem is for you. With large smooth, curved, rib design the Absolem is designed for maximum stimulation as you slide it in and out. Use it slowly and you will feel each beautiful bump as it penetrates you, as you build speed it will start to feel like a rumbling feeling and really fast strokes can change the sensation to an intense almost buzzing feeling that vibrates through you.

The Absolem is for those people who love really pronounced textures.


Soft, BDSM Gag

Want to spice things up with little BDSM? You want a Ball Gag.

Every BDSM draw, box or room should have at least one gag and the Ball Gag is perfect for both the beginner and the experienced. Made in a soft and squishy silicone the ball is much more comfortable in your mouth preventing the dreaded jaw ache from happening to quickly.


Soft, Drool, BDSM Gag

Do you want to drool? Do you like the idea of your saliva running out of your mouth and down your body? Or maybe you like to see your partner drooling. Then the drool ball gag is definitely for you.

The drool gag was designed to create a more uncontrollable drool that’s difficult to suck back in your mouth.