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Strap-On Dildo – What to Consider Before You Buy One

Whether you’re just starting out with strap-on sex or looking to upgrade your toy collection and try new things, buying a strap-on dildo can be a minefield. There are so many options out there, how can you possibly know what to choose?  Here are a few things to consider when you’re picking your next strap-on […]

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Your Reviews

At Godemiche we make toys that we want to use, toys made with a specific pleasure in mind. Sometimes that pleasure is experiencing something new for the first time (why we made the Peg and Plug-B) and sometimes it’s a visual turn on (the drool gag) other times it’s because we want to have a […]

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Third #FictionFriday

Have you ever fantasied with your partner about what it would be like to have a third person join you in the bedroom? Maybe you have purchased a dildo to act as your mystery third? If so then this story is definitely one for you Trust “I’m really not sure I trust you to keep […]

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Exploring Tease and denial play – The Penis Edition

It’s important to recognise, before anything else, that tease and denial play is by its nature about dominance. It can be loving and gentle, or rough and intense (or a combination of all of those, of course)… but the person setting the pace is in charge, up to a point. Have a conversation beforehand about […]

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Soft & Vibrating

Why oh why haven’t we done this sooner? We love soft toys (Skrue and Absolem), I mean if I mention soft Skrue to Molly in conversation her eyes roll around her head like she’s on crack and the filthiest smirk appears on her face she loves it that much. In fact nearly every time they […]

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Should I buy a dildo or a vibrator?

So you have decided to buy yourself a sex toy. Hurrah, for making such a positive decision with regards to your sexual pleasure and well-being. The next question is what sex toy should you buy. Well there are lots of options out there but for the purpose of this article we are tackling that commonly […]

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One Week Left!

One week left to show us your perfect Godemiche colour. Simply download one of our colourings and let the creativity flow. There are no rules on colours so you can be as simple or as wild as you like. Feeling inspired and want to take part then simply download a Godemiche kinky colouring in. Create […]

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Friday Finds #7

It is that time of the month again. No not THAT time but Friday Finds 7 time where we bring you a little round up of some of the sexy, interesting, fun stuff we have stumbled across online over the last few weeks starting with…. Inside the High End Sex Hotels of Mexico City So […]

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Talking about anal sex with your partner(s)

You’ve done your research. You’ve bought (or are willing to buy) lube. You’ve practiced on your own ass. Maybe you’ve even bought a toy or three now it is time to start talking about anal sex with your partner(s) and see if they’re into butt stuff. Wondering how to gracefully bring up the subject of […]

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Create Your Perfect Godemiche Colour

Question – If we closed your eyes and imagined there was a room and in that room was a dildo, a dildo so perfectly coloured that it made your heart ache, legs shake and mind run wild; What colour would that dildo be? Well now is the moment to pull out those pencils or crayons, […]

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