Energy by Cara Thereon Erotic Fiction Blog Post Banner

Energy by Cara Thereon

Halloween approaches; The night of darkness and and mystery and so we thought we would treat you to some Halloween inspired erotic fiction and what better person to write it for us than the talented Cara Thereon. To read lots more of her dirty words then head over to her blog but only once you […]

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No Tricks Just Treats Limited Edition Halloween Silicone Dildos at Godemiche

No Tricks All Treats This Halloween

No tricks just treat with this year’s limited edition Halloween colours.You have until Saturday 31th to bag yourself one or all of these limited Halloween colourways before they vanish at midnight with a cackle and a poof.

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Strap on Pegging Package Deals Silicone Dildos Strap on hanrness Packs Blog Post Banner

Strap On Package Deals

Buying your first strap on is HARD. You don’t want to spend too much just in case you don’t like it. What size dildo do you pick? What harness do you pick? What is the difference between jelly and silicone? The choices can seem endless and confusing We have been there (that’s why Godemiche was […]

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YouTube Sex Positive Channels Blog Post Banner

4 YouTube Channels We Love

We regularly fall into the YouTube Black Hole starting off with’how to’ videos, moving onto short horror films, Vlogs and then ending upon fail army or even kittens. In our adventures around YouTube, there have been some other sex positive creators we discovered. Their channels are full of really good, helpful content with something for […]

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New Sex Toy Package Deals To Spice Up Your Sex Life

The Hottest Package Deals

We personally find that every now and then we fall in to what we call our ‘sex routine’. We have sex in the same way and doing the same things because we want the same results. While there’s nothing wrong with routine and enjoying the things you like, we also like a bit of spice […]

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The Names Pant'n'Moan Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Blog Post Banner

You Named The Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter

Back in September, we asked you to name the 10 new Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter colours and as always you didn’t leave us hanging. There were hundreds of names and we went through every single one shortlisting our favourites and then finally picking just one for each colour. So without further ado here are this year’s NEW […]

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NEW Soft Texture Toys Absolem and Skrue Silicone DIldos Blog Post Banner

Soft Textured Toys Now at Godmeiche

Say hello to soft texture as we launch the Absolem and Skrue in a single density soft silicone that has a semi-realistic, skin-like feel to it along with all the textured sensations you love. Soft Story Time It’s no secret we enjoy using the soft Adam 8 inch, we also enjoy using texture toys. But […]

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Your Questions Answered Godemiche Reply Blog Post Banner

Your Questions Answered

Today is ask a stupid question day (#AskAStupidQuestionDay) We have all done it; wanted to ask a question but haven’t because in our head the question sounds so fucking stupid and so we were embarrassed to ask it out loud. Last week we asked for questions that you haven’t asked for fears of sounding silly […]

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