What colour says about you this Valentines

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Have you heard of colour psychology? Are you curious what your favourite colour says about your sexy self this Valentines? Then read on…

Colour psychology is the study of colour hues and how they determine and effect human behaviour. It is actually a fairly widely studied subject area when it comes to human behaviour. For example we know that colour has a huge affect when it comes to food and not just the colour of the food but the colour of the packaging or even the surroundings when you eat it but what about when it comes to your favourite colour and your sexual self.

What does your colour choices say about your sexual self this?

Click the button below for your favourite colour and find out what it says about you and your sex life and when you have done that let us know in the comments below what your colour was and if you think it is an accurate reflection of your sexy self.

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According to a 2010 study of British men, over half of the men polled said red was their least favorite color for underwear. It turns out their preferred colour to see their partners in was black. I mean black lace is a thing for a reason right? Black is definitely a sexy colour and is strongly associated with power and control. People who like black are often drawn to BDSM relationships where they are in the dominant role. Lovers of the colour black are also often mysterious and can seem reserved and private but they are intense and thoughtful lovers who centre their partner’s pleasure in the bedroom.


Whilst the colour white is strongly associated with purity and virginity people who like white tend to like uncomplicated sexual liaisons and so either gravitate towards no commitment casual relationships or the safety of a reliable monogamous connection. They can also tend towards the submissive as they crave peace and calm and like the release that comes with giving up control to someone they trust.


 A 2012 survey of 2000 adults found that people who had purple bedrooms had sex about 3.49 times a week, that was more than any other bedroom colour. So seems that purple lovers also love some regular loving. Purple is a powerful mix of red and blue, bring all the fire and passion and combining it with the trusting nature of blue lovers. It is a heady combination that tends to make for mysterious and magical folks who love story telling and dressing up. Role play is their thing, they are compassionate and sensual creatures who are just as happy indulging in a quickie as they are in a long slow sexual marathon.


Whilst pink is a close relative of red it takes all that fiery heat and turns it into billowing warm clouds of romance. Pink lovers tend to be sensual and seductive people who are also very in tune with their own body as well as their partners. They like nothing more than sharing a bath or giving a massage and tend to like to take their time in the bedroom. They are known for their stamina and also their sexual appetite. Once is never enough for the pinks.


The colour of passion, romance, love, strawberries and of course that delicious aphrodisiac red wine but also the colour of danger, warning, be careful! Red lovers tend to be confident and bold, they make passionate and wild partners. People who like red often like the kinky side of sex, they love experimenting and trying something new. However red lovers can also be highly impulsive and quick to arousal meaning they can end up taking risks that they probably shouldn’t so always make sure your sex is safe and consensual if red is your favourite colour.


People who love orange, well you could say, they tend towards showman tendencies and like to be the centre of attention in the form of having a real exhibitionist side to them. A bit like the yellow fans they tend to be playful and fun people who are enthusiastic and intuitive lovers. Orange lovers have a rich fantasy life but also an adventurous nature that can lead to them being fairly bold when it comes to exploring those fantasies in real life.


Yellow is a happy and joyful colour and yellow lovers tend to take those traits into the bedroom. They make fun and playful lovers who are often also very spontaneous and like to explore and experiment when it comes to sex and relationships. They often have large sexual appetites but also love openly and freely. They can be very drawn to non-monogamy and are happiest when everyone else is happy and getting on with each other.


Green is the colour of fertility and growth. People who love green have a tendency to be people watchers, they are calm and serene folks and like nothing more than taking a back seat and watching the action but that does not mean they don’t also like to get in on the bedroom action too. They tend to be generous lovers but can be slightly risk adverse and so like to really know someone before getting into naked time with them.


Blue, blue I love you… a very apt saying when it comes to the colour blue and the people who like it because lovers of blue tend to be honest and loyal people who enjoy strong bonded relationships. They are often calm and centred personalities who like to take their time in the bedroom and for whom sex is more about love than lust.

So there you have it. Your guide to what colour says about you and your sexy self. Don’t forget to tell us which colour you pick and whether that feels accurate or was there one that felt more like you but was not the colour you would pick?

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