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Your Reviews

At Godemiche we make toys that we want to use, toys made with a specific pleasure in mind. Sometimes that pleasure is experiencing something new for the first time (why we made the Peg and Plug-B) and sometimes it’s a visual turn on (the drool gag) other times it’s because we want to have a […]

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Soft & Vibrating

Why oh why haven’t we done this sooner? We love soft toys (Skrue and Absolem), I mean if I mention soft Skrue to Molly in conversation her eyes roll around her head like she’s on crack and the filthiest smirk appears on her face she loves it that much. In fact nearly every time they […]

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One Week Left!

One week left to show us your perfect Godemiche colour. Simply download one of our colourings and let the creativity flow. There are no rules on colours so you can be as simple or as wild as you like. Feeling inspired and want to take part then simply download a Godemiche kinky colouring in. Create […]

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Create Your Perfect Godemiche Colour

Question – If we closed your eyes and imagined there was a room and in that room was a dildo, a dildo so perfectly coloured that it made your heart ache, legs shake and mind run wild; What colour would that dildo be? Well now is the moment to pull out those pencils or crayons, […]

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Not The Wet We Like - Office Flooded Delay To Orders

Not the kind of wet we like – Delay to Orders

In yesterday’s heavy downpour of rain, the roof at Godemiche HQ decided to leak! It didn’t stop there though as the water managed to bring part of the ceiling down into our workshop space. This is clearly not the kind of wet we like. Unfortunately, both studios have been affected by the water as they […]

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Godemiche Independence Day Sale – 5 Years

5 years ago today we both chucked in our day gigs and dedicated ourselves to Godemiche full time. I mean what could be more fun? After the first scary 12 months we wanted to give back to our friends, followers, customers, supporters and all those people that had helped moved Godemiche forward and so started […]

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Godemiche – EU Shipping

At the beginning for 2021 we put a hold on shipping items to the EU. Brexit and related factors led to shipping prices being way beyond what was acceptable to charge to our customers or possible for us to absorb.   Recent changes made on July 1st still make the price of a next day, […]

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Peachhes Cumming Soon!

So the cat has popped it’s fuzzy little ears out the bag and people are now aware of a pending collaboration with the wonderful Peachhes.  We don’t want to ruin the surprise completely and give you all the gossip, so think of this as some foreplay, a little enjoyable edging before the grand reveal. What […]

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Find the perfect Godemiche for you

Have you ever tried to find a something by the way it makes you feel or the things you like about it? Googling things like white, comfy shoes, food to make me feel better or even dildo to hit my g-spot. We do it all the time with everything because we know how we want […]

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Summer Mystery Box

OMG its hot and were not just talking about the weather! Summer is officially here and so is the Spring Mystery Box meaning you get a wonderful Godemiche as super low prices, the only catch, what you get is a mystery, but we all love a sex toy mystery box don’t we. The summer mystery […]

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