3For2 – This Weekend At Godemiche

3for2 on Godemiche Silicone dildos grind hump toys and sex toys

Three is most defiantly not a crowd, especially when it comes to sex toys which is why we are giving you the chance to buy 3for2 Godemiche toys

For this weekend add any 3 Godemiche toys to your basket and you will get the cheapest one for free, it’s that simple!

To give you a little help picking we have asked Adam, Monika & Molly what their 3for2 buys would be and why.

Adam’s Recommended 3for2  

If I was to recommend 3 toys to a person in a similar position to myself then I would go with the Offbeat Kraken, Grind Ring Spikes and Morpheus Small Thin,

The OffBeat Kraken is noisy, I like the sloppy blow job sounds and how it sucks on to my dick is just bliss.

The Grind Ring Spikes are defiantly our go-to couple toy, Monika loves the spikes and I love her riding me so that a win-win in my eyes.

The Morpheus Thin is now my go-to prostate toy, we actually put it in in Liberator Bonbon the other day and I rode on the toy while Monika rode me and it was mind-blowing.

 Molly’s Recommended 3for2

My 3 toys that I would recommend to someone similar to myself; A cis person with a vulva who likes penetration they would be the Soft Skue, The Thick Medium Morpheus and the Soft Adam.

The Soft Skue; be still my beating heart. Oh, how I love the soft curves and ridges of this toy. I am not really a textured toy fan usually but the softness of this means I get enough of the texture but not too much as to be uncomfortable. This toy is my go-to wank toy 80% of the time.

The Thick Medium Morpheus. All I can say is, oh that curve!

The Soft Adam: I never got on with the original Adam but the soft Adam and I have an intense relationship based on when I have a need to feel really full. The original Adam was too unforgiving for me and didn’t seem to fit me well but with the softer silicone, we have become best of friends.

Monika’s Recommended 3for2

The 3 toys (technically 4 toys) that I would recommend would be the ones I play with when Adam is away and they are the Grind Ring Tall Pyramid, Medium Vibrating Ambit, Small Butt Plug.

I love the pointy style Grind Rings and right now the Tall Pyramid is my go-to. When Adam’s not around I like putting it on a Liberator Bonbon and riding it, feels so good.

The Ambit has been one of my favourite toys for a very long time, it just does everything I need and want it to especially if you add the vibrations. I love to take the vibe out and use it as a clit stim while playing with the grind ring making this my hidden fourth toy.

The Plug-B Small, I like having a butt plug in while having sex and the Plug-B is a nice small size with a safe T base. The T base is to make sure it doesn’t disappear inside me as other brands have done before leading to some panic that we don’t recommend to anyone.

Well we hope this helps you to choose your 3 Godemiche toys in this weekend’s 3for2.2     

Offer excludes Mystery boxes, Pride, Existing sale items, and all non-Godemiche manufactured products.

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