Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount


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Do you love to be watched?
Do you love to watch?
Do you have threesome fantasies?
Then the Liberator Bon Bon is for you.

The Bon Bon is like that extra pair of hands or genitals in the bedroom at the very moment you need and want them.

Want to ride that dildo while your partner watches then give them a show. Maybe its more self pleasure your after when your alone and you want to ride that vibrator. Or maybe you enjoy the extra stimulation and the though of a threesome, the Bon Bon is all of the above and more.

We would never stock or sell something we haven’t or don’t use ourselves. The saddle shaped high-density foam on the Liberator Bon Bon Toy Mount is firm and very comfortable so when your riding it you don’t sink down. The foam is also firm enough to hold most dildos/vibrators in place when you ride with out collapsing under your body weight. The microfibre cover is lush between your legs as you rock back and forward and machine washable. There’s also a waterproof cover on the Bon Bon that’s great for everything, if you’re a squirter your foam will say dry, use lots of lube your foam will stay dry, want to ride your dildo for hours or days and love juice goes everywhere your foam will stay dry.

The Bon Bon is a great shape and size to use but also slides under the bed or in a wardrobe easily. Its not the kind of Liberator shape that blends in though, but who cares, its fan-fucking-tastic?

Some of the ways we have found the Liberator Bon Bon to be really enjoyable are:


There’s something incredibly hot, sexy and educational about watching your partner play with themselves. When they move a certain way that if makes you want to join in. Watching a partner play helps you to learn what they enjoy and how they like to be touched. We learn so much about watching each other and it’s like real life porn.

Double Penetration/ Threesome fantasies

This can be anal and vaginal, anal and oral, vaginal and oral or if your really in the mood all three. The Bon Bon allows you to explore more sexual experiences from the comfort of your own home while getting getting off on the extra sexual sensations or sexual fantasies you have.

Prostate Play

The Bon Bon is a great toy to ride for prostate pleasure or just anal in general. What we find best is riding on a toy while your partner teases and edges you keeping you at the point of orgasm. You can also play out any double pegging or bi fantasies having your partner ride you while you ride the Bon Bon….HOT!

As with most things your only limited by your dirty imagination so get creative and let us know what ways you would like to use the Bon Bon toy mount.

We also stock the Liberator Ramp Combo and the Liberator Wedge

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