Friday Finds #16

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Welcome to Friday Finds #16, our monthly round-up of various bits and pieces we have found online that we think you might enjoy.

3 Great Pegging Positions that are not Doggy

It is probably not news to anyone that we are big fans of pegging here at Godemiche. Our love of pegging is why we created The Peg and the Apprentice, because we wanted a slim dildo that would be ideal for exactly that activity. We love spreading the pegging love and sharing as much information as possible to help others explore and enjoy this fabulous activity so we just had to share this great piece by Girl on the Net as a result

“Although I’m a fan of pegging positions that aren’t doggy, doggy does sometimes deliver in spades. Because at the point we stopped, and I went to gently extract my lubed-up cock from his aching ass, I caught a glimpse of myself in his bedroom mirror: on my knees, towering over his submissive form, hair plastered to the sides of my face, torso drenched in gallons of fucksweat, shining like an absolute goddess.”

How to Talk Dirty in Bed Without Feeling Awkward

Another subject close to our hearts, not dirty talk, well that too but things that can help you to communicate with your partner and spice up your sex life. When you have been with a partner for a number of years it can be easy to slip into routine when it comes to sex but that can also be a pathway to boring and repative and lead to people not feeling very sexually engaged or satisfied. Finding way to kick things up a notch can be really helpful and we like this pieces suggestions for how you can explore and improve your dirty talk game!

The best tip for successful dirty talk, according to Sommer, is nowing and respecting your partner’s boundaries. “Understanding each other’s turn-ons and turn-offs ensures the sessions are curated for you, thus increasing the probability of success,” she says. “It’s not about the quantity but rather the quality. The hero in bed isn’t the one [who] dumps a series of raunchy phrases, but the most authentic ones.”

How I Negotiated Non-Monogamy In My Monogamous Relationship

Reading about how relationships and sex work for other people is always interesting to us. There is no right way to do relationships only the way that works for you and your partner(s). That way might be monogamous or it might. This is one person experience of introducing non-monogamy into their relationship

“Monogamy and non-monogamy aren’t binary — we all fall somewhere along a spectrum. Perhaps your needs while together in the same city or state may differ greatly when one of you is travelling, or maybe your needs for romantic intimacy with others are different from your needs for sexual intimacy. Think of all your desires as they fit into different scenarios, and don’t limit yourself to just thinking about penetrative sex.”

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